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  1. Ooh I love my phone to use its working fine without any problem . some days back it was not working and the S/w was not good and it was slow i try in ZTE website i got the link .I like to share this link with all . ww.zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support :)
  2. Hi, :) I got the good news for all . i was faceing problem with the S/W with my phone and i got the ZTE official website in that i got the link I like to share with u guys .this will help us a lot . :) ww.zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support :P
  3. HI, :) My skate was haveing problem . I chacked in ZTE website I got the link and i login to that link and updated the S/W i wan to share with all w.zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support
  4. My Racer was haveing problem with S/W and it was very slow And i checked in ZTE official website i got the S/W link I just updated that and now its very good to use .and its also fast . w.zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support :)
  5. Gone with wind

    Flickering Screen

    suggest maybe you get it updated since i think it is probably software problems... you can get update tool on zteuk.co.uk-devices-choose model-product support. hope it will work
  6. Gone with wind

    URGENT HELP !! !

    maybe problem with software...suggest you have an update for your device. if your device is from BP, try the following way to get updated: zteuk.co.uk-Devices- choose model-Product support
  7. Gone with wind

    Are there any LOG about MOBILE DATA? Where?

    maybe you need turn off the data when it is not required..do it this way: settings-tethering & network-mobile network-click to turn off the data connection. hope it works.
  8. if u have used ZTE Skate for a long time, maybe your device needs an update..**the latest version has been issued on ZTE website in Uk: zteuk.co.uk-choose product and you can get the tools under product support. if you are also using other ZTE smart phones, you can also try to find latest update here.
  9. i think ZTE always does well in offering latest update tool for their smart phones, aha *** I got the update tool from them several days before, my phone is ZTE Racer...maybe you can also find update for other ZTE products there zteuk.co.uk-devices-choose model you r using-product support...the tool is there
  10. Gone with wind

    Bluetooth 2.0 or 2.1??

    Helo , Sir the Version of the bluetooth is 2.0 :)
  11. HI , I think there not the same device . :)
  12. Hi, My mobile phone is working fine and .I am happy to buy this phone. :) zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-Product List(choose models here)--Product support

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