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  1. Mine turned up today, great deal, thanks for the headsup.
  2. Yay! @MoDaCo and @Brightattic are giving away a @OnePlus One (maybe two!). Details here - http://t.co/y6KYEuAhc7

  3. Yay! @MoDaCo and @Brightattic are giving away a @OnePlus One (maybe two!). Details here - http://t.co/67UtpOSMZ1

  4. Gr8 Cloud file hosting/backup, if you sign up, we both get extra storage to 20GB https://t.co/JjXgpnuy4l

  5. Cross device notification sync sounds great #googleio

  6. BlackBerry bringing BBM to Android and iOS this summer http://t.co/UY4jkjWYa4

  7. Listening to the new Vampire Weekend album, think it might be my new fav album of 2013.....listen more is needed :)

  8. RossMacGill

    Action Launcher Pro - i've made the switch

    just checked it out and i must say, i love it from the outset, might be cos i already knew what to expect. Thanks from the heads up Paul :)
  9. Opps, just ordered my new phone my mistake :)

  10. RossMacGill

    Amazon drops Kindle Fire to £99 / £109

    im gonna be buying 2 of these for the kids, and was already looking at these. I would have preferred a more default android system, but oh well, here is hoping for more custom roms to come out on it.
  11. i was thinking about this yesterday as i just got my Nexus 7 and was wishing on a sale :)
  12. Just downloaded Digital Britain by @thisisdare. Get the truth about digital: http://t.co/GxGvrykz

  13. Wish upstairs would stop banging there bed against the wall


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