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  1. I update my previous build to new version and i have the same thing any solution? (no full wipe sugestion) ;P
  2. I tried to do the upgrade but failed. After flashing rom, I could not get it to see the ext partition start I guess .. How one day I'll have the time it might try to do it all over again .. But it's too much work so far, staying on the previous build P.S What are the differences between 8.1 and 8.2 jb https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B2eOC8F2oVCPQ1d2Ym4tejhQaFU/edit?pli=1 ??
  3. Who use fm radio ;-) Now its only tunein :-D Please Link to this yellow Wall :-)
  4. Welcome. Rom is great !! but I question whether it is possible to run voice search or typing text messages using your voice in this rom? I noticed that the sound profile I always shifts the sound plus vibration despite the change in the only sound Battery life and other things are ok :) From CM7 to CM 10.1 :)
  5. Is it possible to install the fix pack zip, to eliminate this error? Because I am currently using versions CM7 (targetbsp) of 5 September..
  6. but when you do not move dalvik to sd is really little things you can install on your phone .. several small applications and end, screams of lack of space .. and where some of the 2 games yet
  7. Why? Its only 5 minutes P. S Thx konstat, now ics are done :-) Waiting for the same status jb
  8. uninstall voice search (titanium backup or other soft) than install it again from google play.. it's working.. all the time the same questions... eh
  9. why new YT working on 3G connection, but on WiFi application does not start.. ?? responsible for this CFX or Google?
  10. Buu i update yt aplication from market to New version... Dont update it , now not working..
  11. new rom from today 27.06.. is on goo.im :) thx tilal update 1 post? or this is version is not official next relases
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