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  1. Yes thats bc of the phone sleeping while screen is turned off
  2. Hey my 3 bottons at the bottom are not lighting up, is there a fix for that.
  3. Is there a way to power off the device on this rom, if i select power off the phone just reboots
  4. Has nothing to do with this thread I was just wondering, I have owned mutiple Samsung and multiple HTC devices and was just wondering how HTC owners feel about it cause I already saw the response of GS3 owners.
  5. is anyone on here trading their HOX for a GS3. I'm thinking about it just wanted to know if anyone is in my shoes
  6. Commented on: 'It seems he is coming' - Ramires urges Hulk to complete Chelsea move - http://t.co/JKkbIU5H: http://t.co/dMFi6Pru

  7. Commented on: 'Unfair' Champions League elimination still angers Messi - http://t.co/JKkbIU5H: http://t.co/siMRrqzH

  8. oleo leo leo le here comes the update here comes the update. LOL can't wait sorry guys. LOL
  9. all the version numbers past version 8 no longer do a full wipe so you need to do a wipe CWM yourself.
  10. Reply to @chelseafc big fan of DD you are the reason I became a chelsea fan and this is a really sad time for me cause you are leaving

  11. Thats not a bug, thats how CM9 and AOSP is. Just because sense does something doesn't mean it supposed to be that way.
  12. hmm weird I did not have it on my previous HTC One X. I thought its maybe this rom related. I got a replacement HOX yesterday since the other one had 2 dead pixels and I also wanted white instead of black. Anyway will see if this continues. I haven't tried the airplane mode trick on this rom so will try that the next time it happens.
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