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  1. I haven't had any browser force closes. Try clearing data for browser under Apps :) As for the HDMI mirroring, it could be a ro.sf.hwrotation issue?
  2. Just out of interest Noeri, what do you do day job wise? Coding as well? As I'm surprised you're not completely fried with the time you spend coding for Android! Credit where credit is due, you do devote a lot of time to projects. I'd love to be able to do what you and other devs do, but so far I've got as far as my first "Hello World"in Java lol
  3. Actually, scratch that, I've just pulled up my stats for today (with SIM) and it's only 9% for radio standby, with it turned on! Stupid phone!
  4. I have noticed another slightly strage thing that mmight be an easy to explain job, but I'll pop it up none the less: Radio standby seems to be the biggest draw of power on my phone, and this is despite the fact I have it turned off, and don't even have a SIM card in the phone. Is it something to do with HTC's stupid RIL commands?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll have a look at resetting data for messaging first :-)
  6. Trying to add an attachment to a message or clicking share from the gallery causes messaging to force close. Is anyone else having this problem before I grab a logcat?
  7. Boot into fastboot with USB connected, and do fastboot erase cache. This is about the millionth time it has been mentioned too btw.
  8. I don't mind testing it Noeri, I'm still using my Sensation as my main phone so don't have any data on my One X :)
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing some more development on this and on the One X in general, as all the Sense ROMs are doing my head in! I've gone back to using my Sensation for the time being as the few faults that remain are a royal PITA for everyday use.
  10. Trip: As far as I can see, there isn't a single ROM out for the One X that has a working Phase Beam lwp :-(
  11. Any idea why the Phase Beam live wallpaper doesn't function on the One X? I'm assuming it's Tegra related as I've not seen problems elsewhere?
  12. My first post here on MoDaCo is going to be an apology to you Noeri. I once mentioned elsewhere that I'd be surprised if I ever saw a stable release of anything from you. I am hereby eating my words, and apologise. There's no doubt a lot of rage and pain flying about inside you at the minute (I browse your Twitter) but there's also no doubting that your CM9 work for the One X is rather bloody good. :-)
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