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  1. bhundven

    Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    I've had an SGH-I717 for about a month now. I originally had the AT&T HTC One X, and I like this phone much more. Mostly because of more stable/tested software, external sd, removable battery. I feel like the s-pen has a lot of potential, but more app devs need to consider adding s-pen support to their apps/games. Maybe also support for other pen devices (*cough*htc scribe*cough*) ;) We have the technology... we can make it better... shunanananananana
  2. I tried the htcdev unlock before rooting. I entered the identifier token and it said that unlocking was successful. I would be sent a key and instructions in my email, but I never received the email. I tried again after root (now with ***TANTED***) and got the same MID error. I'm not on windows (mac) and don't have a copy of windows to run in vmware. Is there a way to unpack the exe and fastboot back to stock to try again, or is it just not worth it?

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