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  1. no, but for my case in 05 gps dont work.. he mentioned that he forgot the gps modules and provide a fix
  2. ok thats better than @ Friday...xD do you now why it it reboots now ?
  3. nice.... one thing more... and we have finally 3.x on One X... the bootup..xD
  4. oh i thought this waas the guy wich talked about init.d a few pages ago
  5. maybe his guess of init.d is right...we all hope the best..xD
  6. I guess he´s working on the problem with the 3. Kernel...There is a strange reboot without an error when he boots... maybe he made a step forward... on Thursday i talked the last time to him..
  7. charge the device until 16% and try to reproduce... provide a logcat
  8. omg...that message tells exactly nothing... the important thing is missing... why it reboots... Maybe it should start CPU2 at this time but instead it crashes...
  9. its solved and will be implemented in his next release...
  10. Seems they fixed auto rotation in the sources... nice one...xD Looking forward to the next update...xD
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