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  1. Kit Kat is out, although still in beta... get it here http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P6/EMUI2.3V100R001C00B014EDGE-U00-Beta.rar
  2. still got dancing battery animation on G510.. even with twrp2.6.3.3... maybe it's because G510 use 480 x 854 pixel.. while Y300 is only 480 x 800.. yup.. in G510 it can flash and backup cm11 smoothly..
  3. I use this method, just to taste the kit-kat : - go to recovery mode, flash cwm6.0.4.4 - wipe factory default wipe cache, flash cm11 - do some setting here and there... - back to recovery mode, flash twrp2631.. not 2632.. - and do backup.. without any error..
  4. flash ok.. backup succeeded.. but still it has dancing battery while off charge... not happened on .. it start in
  5. it's clearly written.. nexus edition.. so it means only for nexus.. 4, 5, 7. 10... here are CM11 for Y300 or G510
  6. wow.. this rom is even better than my stock rom that came within the purchase.. G510-0200V100R001C00B186... camera auto-focus in just a second.. everything works perfectly.. haven't found a bug.. hopefully won't be any :unsure:
  7. yup I have tried and both of them stuck when I charged the phone while in off state... moving towards TWRP from now :huh:
  8. be careful, use the phone in cold condition.. otherwise the phone will easily melt...
  9. google try to make people even more familiar with android, since nokia was bought by microsoft.. it's a matter of competition...
  10. try to flash cwm first, then flash superuser update..
  11. new stuff from zte site.. one click update tools it's zte newest driver with V9PLUSV1.0.0B18 rom this is for V9+ (MU+MAB) varian get it here
  12. you should use cwm recovery for V9, cwm is the good one.. meanwhile, it's what I did this weekend...
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