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  1. "Vous êtes de droite ou de gauche?" @JJBourdin_RMC : "j'ai deux mains" j'approuve.

  2. Use gps test from market to update aGPS. Use another camera software like fv5 Or... roll back to stock and stop trying to mess up your device :)
  3. Et qui c'est qui impose encore son standard à la con ? C'est Apple et sa micro-sim. Quelle révolution

  4. Using Bluetooth to listen to music is like watching a bluray on a 7" black and white TV.
  5. Prêter son ordi et le récup avec un virus Gendarmerie Nationale : #check

  6. We are. #laFamille RT @supermegadrivin: I M A badword BISOUNOURS

  7. Guys, instead of requesting stuff all the time, can't you use the stock rom while trip and his team iron out the few remaining stuff lacking?
  8. Quelqu'un a une invite pour #Google #Voice ?

  9. Je viens de lire 3 articles sur du jQuery et du Node, il me prend une furieuse envie de troller.

  10. I confirm cell standby goes back to normal power consumption with an active SIM card slotted in.
  11. r012 + Franco repack. Wow. It's fast ! The swipes on large UI lists are amazing. @Mr Gimp, I kept a deactivated sim in my phone for lunch, and I noticed the same. Cell standby ate more battery juice than the screen itself - which I used for the best part of two hours. I'm testing with an activated SIM now to see if the problem persists.
  12. Paris à Marseille oui. Paris à Brest, NON

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