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  1. Care to spare it with the rest of us? Would love to know-how aswel. Thank you.
  2. Same with volume for me. Can't move the slider or use buttons in calls. And still can't end a call without pressing atleast 2 times - fast or slow doesnt matter. Another thing i've noticed, Stock keybaord with danish vocab. doesnt work. it crashes 2-x times when texting one line, SMS or mail, search etc. Batteryperformance for me device is also very poor. Maybe Something funky with 2D GPU Performance as the above user wrote. Tried 100% charge, then get it to 1%, done 4 times now and tried deleting the battery cache via recovery when 100%, still doesnt work for more than a half day. Im sure all the things are getting fixed, still love this rom over any other. EDIT: it's the 006 version im using btw. my bad.
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