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  1. hey trip! loving the new release. Just wanted to make known an issue im having with playing music when the lockscreen is off. Using PlayerPro, stock music player and powerAmp, when playing music into a headset, in about 30 seconds or so (i suppose when the phone is attempting to sleep), the music slows down almost to half its normal speed. Upon waking, it returns to normal. This issue occurred ever since you updated the kernel recently. I've managed to temporarily solve it by raising the max CPU frequency to 475MHz (using any option under that also doesn't work) however im worried about my battery life now. Can you please take a look at it? Apart from that, AMAZING work man!
  2. hey im getting alot of apps that are just closing suddenly on me after i use them for about a minute. ebay instagram shazam and alot more. is there any way i can fix this?
  3. Please help! Sorry, but i'm new to the whole Rooting thing. I've searched for hours about the issue that i'm having but I cant find out what to do in my case. I've unlocked the bootloader, Rooted the phone. I've then installed the CyanogenMod ROM and it loads just fine. However, I then found out that all the Gapps need to be installed separately. So I went and downloaded the file and when I restarted the phone into recovery mode and select 'Recovery' to install the gapps, instead of booting into CWN, it boots straight into the CyanogenMod! This means that I cant even restore back to my previous Sense ROM or anything else! I've tried reflashing the recovery using ./fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch- but it still does the same thing. I haven't moved any of the files since I rooted the phone to start with. Please help, I don't know what to do now and i'm stuck with a dead phone. =(
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