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  1. Thanks for replies fekineejit and Davidoff59.... I didnt realise you needed data to get picture messages but Im sure I tried sending one before data ran out the other day which wasnt received by a family member and she sent me one which I couldnt view. Davidoff59 could you please tell me how to add mms settings to the data settings so they are in one apn please (cant see where to edit) as I really am confused (that doesnt take much) :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
  2. Thanks for reply Frankish but nope not working for me.... on apn screen i have orangeinternet with orangemms underneath and a green button and orangemms with orangeinternet underneath no green button lit. Ive received a picture message and it wont let me download it. I dont know whether ive totally ballsed this up as I cant check internet as no data left. Oh just when I thought I was making progress!! Any advice appreciated please thanks :(
  3. Hi, Im back needing help again :blush: :blush: I cant receive or send picture messages (internet fine). I know the orange settings to enable this but dont know where to put this information on my phone. Instructions on how to do would be much appreciated thanks!!! By the way Im just loving this phone :D
  4. Hi there punjabi....yes thats the one....for photos etc. Just having to put in and not do anything sounds just great to me :D and thank you so so much for helping me yet again...I really appreciate it :D :D
  5. Hiya, a bit help again needed please :wacko: when I put a micro sim into phone is there anything I should do after Ive inserted it (heard something about formatting..whatever that is :o ) if so how do I do it on this phone please :blush: Hoping I just have to put into phone and thats it :D
  6. Thanks again Davidoff59 think I will stick to laptop when ordering online then :D
  7. Thanks very much for that information Davidoff59....so its ok to do online shopping eg Argos,Tescos etc right? Sorry for these questions but I havent a clue and just want to make sure :blush:
  8. Thanks punjabi but I think this is a step too far for me :o I really am a complete novice and might muck it up so think it safer for me to leave things as they are for the time being...the benefits installing this sound great tho!! :D Sorry if this is a stupid question but Is there any security software on this phone or will I have to install something like on a computer :wacko: :blush:
  9. Thank you punjabi Ive just done that too and volume is so much better. Thanks so much for your replys and helping me...youve been great!!!!!! Cheers!!!!! :D :D :D :D
  10. Than you...thank you...thank you punjabi IT WORKED yeah. Will not be returning my phone now :D . Just have to read up on the sound issue now and see if I can fix that :o
  11. Need a bit more help please if you dont mind...what do I type in field name box please?
  12. Ahh thank you so much punjabi for your much needed help Im really grateful and will try this taking my time...Im really no good at this stuff but hopefully everything will be ok. Thanks again!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, total newbie to android phones and purchased the G300 a few days ago online. I paid Voda to unlock the phone put in my orange sim and theres no internet connection. Ive been phoning Voda and Orange for 3 days now about this. They are passing me from one to the other... one says they cant do anything as its not their phone and dont seem to know the settings for that phone and Voda said theres nothing they can do and to go back to orange shop. Im just about to throw in the towel and return as I havent a clue about phones and all the techy stuff which is why I paid the shop to unlock thinking everything would be done for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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