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  1. i mailed Huaweii and asked for an unlock code and got this email back from them We don't provide unlock code directly to customer, please contact our ASC technical helpline for more info Huawei Technical Support Tel: 0844 800 6800
  2. managed to fix this can someone please delete the topic thanks :)
  3. having problems syncing and connecting to google play store "no connection retry" tried uninstalling google play from phone clearing cache and clearing and dalvik cache also tried installing the newer google play from here i can surf and do other things online just can't connect to google play any help is greatly appreciated i did try google to find a solution but apart from wha ti've tried there wasn't much info thanks in advance :)
  4. the new update is showing on my phone today ota haven't downloaded yet
  5. just checked and my phone isn't picking up a new ota update on b892
  6. is there a way to block a number on this phone without the use of an app? thanks in advance :)
  7. i'd also like to know if theres a way to turn off ascending ringtone to on stock b892
  8. ok i did eventually get it to upload although i'm not sure what i did as i messed with the phone for quite a while what i did was uninstall cwm then reverted to my origional back with all the vodafone addons then i uninstalled cwm and it went on 1st time sorry i haven't been more help
  9. it wont work from the phone or external sd card just fails every time even after a factory reset
  10. yeah it removed cwm and went to stock recovery it gave me the error whilst trying to clear cache
  11. ive tried the super recovery and it still won't install the update for me
  12. how did you remove cwm to get the update to work i don't really want to install another rom as i'm runnign stock b885 which means i'll lose all my data
  13. with cwm is it cwm that is making it fail?and if so how do i uninstall it and will i be able to reinstall it once ive updated?
  14. signature verification failed installation aborted is the error i get even when booting in recovery mode would it work if i was to uninstall super user in the super user options?
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