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  1. Didn't someone eventually work out how to get 3G working properly on the more unusual of the Australian frequencies? I seem to remember a post some months back. I think ti involved changing a few values with a diagnostic tool. In fact with a quick search http://www.modaco.co...h-the-humanity/
  2. Just a reminder that VLC is beta and is described as: "This is a BETA version of the port of VLC media player to the Android™ platform. It is intended for power users and hackers. This version is not perfectly stable and is slower than the final version. It might kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the Mayan apocalypse." I have VLC beta installed but MX player is much better at playing video streams in general for me. I am a fan of VLC on Windows and Linux but it is not quite prime-time ready on Android. All that said, BBC iplayer app still works fine for me (and never stopped with any previous update as far as I am aware). Also Android firefox works with flashplayer on desktop site for me. As an aside iplayer app doesn't work on a Jelly Bean tablet for me and firefox/flash was the only combo I got to work there). Btw, 'm still happy on GB Modaco Gr2 but I do have a couple of relatives with G300s on UK Vodafone stock ICS (they are not interested in rooting and seem perfectly happy with stock). Haven't heard of any problems with iplayer from them (and they are not slow to get in touch when they have a problem but I will check with them).
  3. With MX player what are your decoder settings. You may need to change to use hardware decoder (h/w+).
  4. Anyone tried booting a PC from the SD card on the G300 when connected as a drive? Seems it is possible on Androids - see http://let-the-reader-understand.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/how-to-use-your-android-phone-as-linux.html (How to use your Android phone as a Linux live USB stick) Just wondering if anyone has tried it and with what ROMS did it wok (or not).
  5. Have you tried the Wipe Data/Factory reset options? Just checking the obvious just to be sure.
  6. Someone reported that they were able to install the latest "General B952" ROM at http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcwMjk= via forced update (Power+Vol-UP+ Vol-Down-) This was after they got the "Image Signature Verify Fail." No other ROM worked for them via forced install. So can you try and install this ROM and see if it works.
  7. Glad you have a working phone again!. I don't think complete crashes requiring a factory reset or re installation are "common" (I've never had one) but they are certainly not unknown either. Having recent backups is always handy. If it happens repeatedly though you might have faulty hardware or an issue related to the specific ROM. Hopefully though it was a one-off.
  8. Yes your phone will boot up with the first switched on setup after a factory reset. If your numbers are backed up to a google account they will be automatically restored. Otherwise they are gone unless stored on SIM. If you did a Huawei backup before you upgraded to ICS and you still have it on the SD card you can restore it again. Sadly there is no way to install CWM Recovery unless you can boot into ICS and you can't. This is because the ICS bootloader is locked so you can't by default reflash a new recovery partition via USB as you were able to do in GB ROMs. I have my fingers crossed for your factory reset
  9. No. You can not install any repacks as you do not have CWM recovery installed. Only the standard supplied recovery. As I don't know which version of ICS you have installed then I don't know which official Update might work. If you are on UK latest Vodafone then none of them will as far as I know (Fail with a version check). It might be possible to use ADB (debug) commands to get you running again without a data wipe but your quickest option would be a factory reset attempt. Yes I know that will be annoying. A factory reset reformats the data and cache partitions. It may be your only option.
  10. As I've said elsewhere first try booting with Volume-UP and Power button. If it gets to the Vodafone logo you haven't held Volume-UP for long enough. Remember to pull battery for 5 seconds first. When you do this do you see the recovery menu? If not then what do you see? EDIT: And no, this repack from this thread will do you no good as you do not have CWM Recovery installed. You hopefully still have stock recovery though.
  11. It is boot phone with Volume UP + Power for recovery menu. Not Vol down which is bootloader mode Starting with Volume-UP + Power should bring up the stock recovery menu. Can you get into it? EDIT: If you see the Vodafone logo when starting the phone with ANY Volume button combo then you are not doing it right as the phone has attempted a normal boot. Remember to pull the battery between attempts and hold the buttons for several seconds after the phone starts up. If you let go too soon the phone will continue and attempt a normal boot. In the first instance you want to try and get the phone to do a recovery mode boot - which is Power + Volume-UP
  12. Can you boot into stock recovery? That is pull battery and wait 5 seconds. Reinsert battery and then press Volume UP button and Power button at the same time. Keep holding both for a few secs after phone starts. Do you see the phone's recovery menu? If so try clear cache (can't remember if that option is available in standard recovery though). If that doesn't work try reset to factory default as a last resort. That will reformat data and cache partitions.
  13. One possible suspect would be the phone's charging circuit. Might be overcharging batteries and killing them. You could try installing a battery monitor app and see what peak voltage you hit. You can also monitor the battery's internal temperature sensor with these apps. Of course if the sensors are faulty then they may see nothing wrong themselves until failure but worth a try I'd say. The G300 battery can run quite hot in normal operations and some battery monitor apps give overtemp warnings prematurely but that's not your problem obviously. It is always possible, of course, that with random chance you are just the unlucky individual that's got three bad batteries in a row.
  14. Of course this (er...) way, Wah-Way is obviously not the same company as "Who Are-We" that the US government doesn't like that they might have heard mentioned on the tv :-) Btw, the guy I bought mine from in a Vodafone shop pronounced it "Hawaii" (as in the US state) - he said he knew that wasn't quite right but it sounded good to him.
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