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  1. Sure..... :D I'll rather wait till VORBETH buy HOX :D or I'll use SENSE ;) just this guys here don't know who you are ;) CryBaby :D. Ohhhhhh yeeeeee.....go fast and REPORT me :) but you know.....I also make better builds than you will ever do. Guess who will suck my d*ck tonight..... ;)
  2. Why do you think I hate you? Is this in your nature? :D but......YOU hahahahahahaha you're a joker :D
  3. Will this fixed Camera.apk from Sensation help somehow? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24435867/Android%20Stuff/Temp/Camera.apk
  4. On your opinion people must read all 40 pages to see what's different on this ROM or......? But thanks anyway
  5. Can someone please help me, I can't boot in recovery anymore. Tried via APM, bootloader and with Quick Boot app.....but neither way to come in recovery. When should recovery starts, it's just a little blink and phone reboots normally. I've tried to flash recovery one mofe time via fastboot and still the same. How can I boot in recovery....I'm stucked on 006 Thanks for your help :)
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