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  1. pleas could you tell me how you fixed your phone because im having the same problem but none seems to know what to do
  2. when i knida bricked my phone it just wasnt booting it didnt turn on at all it all happened when i tried unlocking my phone and my computer turned off midway i have tried to restore nv the zte flasher said that it was a pass and it was succesful but it didnt restore anything sorry for not being specific.
  3. no it has a crack sorry not a scratch and i have already tried and they said they wouldnt be able to take it back
  4. and i have tried unlocking it again and restoring the nv file with my imei on the ox1215 or something like that
  5. well it all started after i kinda bricked my phone but then i put it into download mode and i flashed cwm 4 and installed a rom but it took me about a month to figure out that i had to get to the charging screen through trial and error
  6. please guys i really need help i have searched every where i could think of please i have tried every thing pleasee i will try and persuade my mum to donate to the person who helps me fix my phone. i cant send it back to tmobile bescause the screen has a little crack. my situation = i can flash roms though cwm and zte upgrader. = i can use the tmv unlocker to flash cwm = i can use fastboot only when my phone is on = to turn on my phone i have to get it into the charging screen (by turning it off for a while and then plugging in the charger) then i have to press the power button to turn it on. = every time i turn on my phone normally (with nothing plugged in) it boots straight into recovery mode or ftm mode (when i havent installed cwm recovery). i have tried to format everything but nothing works = the gsm doesnt work. i cant make calls or do anything like that it just says no service = my imei, mobile network, and imei sv is unavailable. none of my netowrk works at all = i have tried to restore nv but it never works please help me if you guys need more information please help im so desperatee.
  7. And you are meant to put the battery back in after the minute has ended So does it go to charging screen
  8. You hold volume down or volume up and press power button to get to recovery Also wait until u see your battery charging screen and it shows an animated battery icon in middle of screen
  9. I can help because this happened to me The only problem is that you will have to boot your phone an alternative way I havent got any links You will need a charger The zte flasher and the software updater Your usb cable The osf2 unlocker And a rom preferably stock based for now Firstly check if you can update your phone through zte software update If so then after the update is done Take out battery for a minute then put it back in Do not touch any buttons (dont press power button) put the charger in It shpuld show green Android then turn black then come up with the charging screen if so then you press the power button Then you let it boot If the zte soft ware doesnt work Flash recovery onto your phone with the osf2 unlocker Take out battery after it has finished Leave for a minute plug in charger Let it go to chrging screen hold volume down It should go to recovery Then flash your rom Then turn off phone after Plug in charger Charging screen Power button let it boot up (If you cant get into recovery by volume down try volume up) Hope fully this works if it doesnt post your situation and i will see what i can do
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