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  1. Just stopped by to express my respect to KonstaT and others who keep devoting efforts in our good old device. Personally I still actively using Blade since there is no true successor, it's high dpi 3.5" IPS screen remains unmatched because today devices are either too big (4.3"+) or based on the low quality TN displays.
  2. You mean QCvdec? You mean some code in propietary qcom libs requests unimplemented functions in some other propietary libs? Seems highly unlikely. I may not fully getting your poing, though, correct me if you think so. My understanding is that errors is caused by libstagefright code such as: mComponent->GetConfig = GetConfigWrapper; mComponent->SetConfig = SetConfigWrapper; mComponent->GetExtensionIndex = GetExtensionIndexWrapper;
  3. Your understanding is not fully correct. That's not the omx libs which are crapping out, but a code in a libstagefright which tries to access those unimplemented functions. So the obvious solutions seems to be patch this code, replacing the actual calls with data retrieved from msm7227a hardware.
  4. Yup, I meant some kind of library preloading technique, not direct injection hacks which sure are near to impossible. OK. Next idea: patch libstagefright, by replacing the get_config and getextensionindex requests with debugged data?
  5. " I know this, you missed the point of my post. My idea is to debug the get_config output on msm7227a hardware, and use the existing omx armv6 libs with wrapper, as the qdsp is basically the same.
  6. Did anybody tried to trace what the output of those commands (on msm7227a hardware)? Those commands does not seems to be taking arguments, so I guess the output is always the same on the same hardware? So what's preventing us to write the library, which would wrap the existing qcom decoder, +return the debugged static info on those 2 functions. Or do I miss something? (sorry for bad english)
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