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  1. from the zip file, extract the boot.img that is at the root of the zip file then reboot your hox in fastboot mode then execute the command from the command line fastboot flash boot boot.img and fastboot erase cache[/code] then reboot into recovery mode when in recovery : wipe cache partition + data/factory reset + format system system (in mounts and storage) + wipe dalvik cache then flash the zip file reboot it should work ; the hox may reboot a couple of times before booting android
  2. it seems it's still not the case for kitchen at 21h16 : 140812-2116-Ir4-modacocustomrom-endeavor-kitchen-unsigned-MD5-be9b7023ea16bbef0ae8687786e30bc0 boot.img at the root is still 2 928 640 bytes
  3. fastboot : the boot.img from the root of the ZIP I've flashed the prebaked ir4-vanilla : works fine
  4. Franco kernel : no sqlite : I don't think so but I'm not sure In attachment, my kitchen options options.txt
  5. prebake Ir3-sense-modacocustomrom-endeavor-kitchen-unsigned-MD5-8df73d81c7be379188baf0d850ee1df3 (1.29.401.12 based) boots up
  6. Hi Paul, I have a problem : after flashing a kitchen (130812-2144-Ir4-modacocustomrom-endeavor-kitchen-unsigned-MD5-dfac7f04cf9a1c7492d1036004f2d062) the hox don't start and don't stop rebooting (just after the htc quietly white screen and before the animated htc one white screen with beats audio). flashed boot.img erased cache in fastboot full wipe (data, cache, system, dalvik, ...) in recovery Have I done something wrong ? Fall back to Ir3 for the moment.
  7. To get the more vanilla ROM, here's my kitchen : - keep all google apps - remove all HTC apps that are already available from Google - remove all 3rd party apps (twitter, SoundHound, Dropbox ... ) as they can be downloaded from the market without any Sense customization / integration - keep hardware related apps from HTC : FM radio, DLNA, SIM Toolkit, ... - remove all Live Wallpapers but one - remove all Themes but the HTC (default) and another one - keep 2 languages in the Input Languages list - keep Modaco additions - remove additional application market There's still some Sense, but vanilla is really here :-D I've also installed the [MOD|1.26|1.28|1.29] Disable the annoying ICS 3-dot Menu | Aroma **May-05** to remove the anoying menu bar at the bottom of the screen
  8. When a call arrives and the screen is off, the ICS lockscreen is displayed first, you have to unlock it sliding the locker the normal way, then the incoming call screen is displayed and only now you can answer or decline. The ICS lockscreen introduces an additional step to unlock the lockscreen before being able to answer or decline the call More generally, with the vanilla, the ICS screens are in the middle of the Sence screens : for example, the phone call dialer is ICS, but the screen to enter the SIM code is Sense ... The notification drawer is Sence, the Settings are essentially Sense but some parts are ICS (the Android Keyboard for example) ... a little bit confusing IMHO. All you have to do to get the ICS lockscreen is to unselect the HTC lockscreen item. The Google lockscreen will automatically be added (The Google lockscreen item can't be selected).
  9. It took around 15 mins to generate a kitchen rom (without signing the update) with a low workload (nobody in the waiting list but 4 rom being made) ... so be patient ;-)
  10. Not at all ... I waited for more or less the same amount of time ... and finally gave up
  11. The Lockscreen option in Google application does not seem to be selectable, even when the lockscreen option in HTC applications is not selected.
  12. +1 some people seem to think that everything is due to them !!... :-(
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