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  1. Why Zte Blade Q not.. Better perform better vote resuts. I am sorry for the English.
  2. Bought my son Nibiru H1 to replace Samsung S3. Micro sim from S3 works fine with 3g. Understood that slot 2 only supports 2g.
  3. How to flash this custom made CyanogenMod over the original ROM? Would you please supply a complete detailed instructions, how to.
  4. Got bored with my old Blade and changed to Lenovo A820. Works like a dream with 1GB/1.2 GHz quad-core, system 671MB and data 2,92GB. Price with a spare battery 112€. :D PS Better than Steve's apple.
  5. Haven't you already found out that KonstaT has stated to have no interest to work on FM radio because of marginal need. <_<
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