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  1. my idea 3g blade running smoothly but setting ui is lagging while scrolling..anybody having same problem..pls reply the solution for that it is great rom but lag in setting...
  2. i am stuck in clockworkmod recovery v5.0.2.0.every time i finish installation zip fron sd card and reboot it come back into clockword recovery again,pls help...
  3. my blade is not europen version it is idea blade(chinese version).i think so..
  4. hi alfu, i hav tried your step but it continue to get error from upgrading from sd card,so then i tried Moldova libra T card upgrading and now phone not taking startup pls help
  5. hi, i have idea blade more thane 6 month.currently running on mmhmp-rsl9,i hav tried image.bin but it just giving error on updating, so please help if u hav any solution!!!!

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