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  1. I really like this rom, very fast. I think it would be awesome if you could implement a recovery button for when you hold down the power button its just a bit easier to get into recovery, and also I could not find mass storage mode back when I had infusion when I put my usb in and put the toggle down I could enable it but I cant even find it in the settings.
  2. Im running version v4.0.1.5 how would I upgrade to this version, lool im still a noob!
  3. just one quesion is this rom fit enough for daily use, I'm on infusion atm I want to try this but only if it stable
  4. For months I've had these problems but was to busy to fix them, I really need help atm im using infusion b06, since ICS i've had this stupid orange splash screen and its really annoying and before you post the threads to fix it they havent worked for me, and I also need help to fix this issue with cwm basically when my battery is dead and I put the charger in it shows me cwm and its really annoying because. Thanks
  5. No look on the 3rd or 2nd post it show you have how to change the default launch its really confusing for me how do I do it
  6. I really want JB but I need camera features not to be pushy but is there a date when this feature would be possible, I understand that this work is hard work so I am not trying to offend the developer?
  7. I am currently on ICS Infusion the update before the current version, I am trying to upgrade but I dont know how to backup my app and data, and titanium backup is not working out for me any help? cheers
  8. can someone help i've installed this rom its going so well but I changed a setting somewhere that closes application when the user exit's it and I need to change it back to normal can someone advise me where it is? Cheers
  9. thanks for the reply I mean does any one have a backup of the b888 rom cos it would be easier to restore a backup compared to reinstalling using the system upgrade utility
  10. I really need the b888 rom, im using the atomic mod but I have discovered a lot of issue and the rom has not been updated for a little while and I am going on a trip soon, so I need something stable, can someone please post the office b888 clockwork backup please thanks
  11. I know david, I'm the guy that never stop trying, well I'll just have to wait until ICS to return my handset.
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