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  1. ROM: CM10.1 01/01 KonstaKang OC: 600 Ondemand Result: 27.5 OC:710 SmartAssv2 Result: 27.9
  2. I cannot for the life of me find the so called "A2SD : open with S2E , download caches automount with CM7 init.d script" spent the last hour searching on modaco and googling without success, could anyone point me in the right direction? I've been using XeS0r's script for my JB ROMS, is that it? Thanks.
  3. The soft key link is broken, can anyone upload it again. Greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey i have ran into a problem, I firstly TPT using Konstat image and installed the latest KonstaKang version, 22.7, without cleaning up first. Used the "Mount as ext4" advice Konstat gave to make s2e work, everything went OK, after a week or two bugs started to appear, crashes, fcs, till today that out of nothing my Blade crashed while trying to open an app and when it rebooted it couldnt mount the sd card. Having tested the sd card on other devices, and having it work fine, i made a clean install of KonstatKang version 22.7, the clean up method i used was this: http://www.modaco.co...-flashing-roms/ I come now to the conclusion that when i set "Mount as ext4" on s2e the SD card cant be mounted, as if i disable "Mount as ext4" the sd card works ok. Any ideas how to fix this issue? Thank you.
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