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  1. With the old version, when I changed build.prop back to its original values, everytime I tried a contactless payment, I was asked for a PIN (which of course means the whole thing is broken). Can you confirm after changing build.prop back to its original values, that you are able to use the wallet as expected? Cheers! EDIT: p.s. just tried this version and was able to successfully activate, etc, but only see an Option to add a Citi Mastercard? Seems like the same as the old version? Am I supposed to be seeing something else?
  2. To Galaxy S3 users, seems updating to the latest firmwares (LG6, LG8) I'm stuck on 'Activating Wallet'... (Wallet data was cleared prior to new firmwares).
  3. WooHoo! Success! Should have posted this a couple weeks ago, sorry for the late report. After updating the latest firmware for my GS3 (which at the time was LFB based), everything started working, this time no need to edit build.prop. Just pushed apk to system/app, and ran it. Card activated (again). Showed balance of $10. This time, when I went to use it, it authorised successfully. Nothing asked me for a PIN and everything went as you would expect for a contactless payment. No more looking like a complete tit at the checkout. Seems nfc.apk was also updated in the firmware release. Hope that helps someone. :)
  4. Tried a second retailer today (1st 7/11, then Maccas). Again, asked to enter a PIN number on the PayPass terminal's keypad. My GW was unlocked and open on the screen. GW said the transaction is 'awaiting authorisation'. The pinpad/paypass reader said 'transaction declined' after I first entered 1) my GW pin 2) no pin at all. Not winning here....? I'll note however that I've changed my build.prop back to its original state as I mentioned earlier so I could get my exchange based email working again. Perhaps I should mod the build.prop back to htc_jewel and try again?
  5. Tried to use Google Wallet this morning, but after successfully touching the wireless till, I got asked for a pin! I tried my GW pin and I tried no pin and on both attempts I got transaction declined...
  6. One thing I have noticed, after changing build.prop to include the two lines with htc_jewel, I could no longer connect to my corporate exchange account. I changed build.prop back to its original state. Exchange email works once more. So does Google Wallet ;) Hope that helps someone.
  7. All good Paul, was more than happy to support the site anyway, especially since I have now have wallet working on my gs3 with stock rom. Only had to change two lines in build prop. Thanks a lot Paul. Can't wait to go and try this out!!
  8. That one worked after I signed up for premium account :)
  9. Dear Paul, Seems the link to the download is dead.... Can anyone mirror it in the meantime please? PM me a linky? Thanks.
  10. Really? My bad.. I had made some assumptions that the latest version would fully support the gs3, since it's now working/bundled with the Sprint sg3.. Therefore I assumed the version in post 1 was not that version since its not working for me. I'm still stuck on activating account. Anyway, thanks for confirming :-)
  11. Hi Paul, would really appreciate it if you could have a crack at this latest version for us! Thanks for everything :)
  12. Latest version from post 1. One X:: installs, and activates. Stuck on adding card. Galaxy s3:: installs, stuck on activation.
  13. I don't think this version supports the Galaxy S3. (Was it ever mentioned anywhere that it did?) It would not make sense for Google to release it (yet), when they are doing the Sprint Galaxy S3 launch with Google Wallet in one week from now. Having said that, I dont think we have much longer to wait!!!! :)
  14. On June 21st, the Galaxy S3 will launch on Sprint in the US, and come with Google wallet pre-loaded. Once we get that apk, I'm guessing all that would be required would be the same tweaks Paul has done to the existing apk to make this work for S3 users. Paul, if you're reading, we S3 users would be honoured if you could work your magic and make this thing work for us. :) Will be more than happy to shout you a pint mate!!!!
  15. Haha! It's quite clear to me now, that wherever you are in the world, all you can get for under $10 is Maccas or Greggs... LOL!!!
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