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  1. I'd say too that the support for the phone it's dead in the water I've switched already to a sony xperia l. My old g300 remained on stock b952 as this kk was never stable... Anyway thanks guys for the joy that you gave me just by reading this forum and thanks for the time you invested in this little piece of hardware...
  2. Yeah, I'll make a pkg with the default look if you insist so much...
  3. V2 does not support theming as it has a modified framework. If you like V2 I'll post a slightly modified version with some small changes to the slide lockscreen (dimensioning) and also a different patch for call id lag which should be better (I'll test it for 5-7 days) so this will be after the weekend ... Thanks.
  4. Yeah well it's true. I like this theme though ... Well it's a matter of taste in the end... It's laborious to theme the system and framework so I won't do it anytime soon as I do not have time... You can do it though. Replace the pngs in both those files with whatever you like. You still need to scale them ... Well, if you don't like it, don't use it, it's up to you, I've just share what I have, I'm not a rom dev ...
  5. Ok, so here it is guys: http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/43348177/file.html md5sum: 24f95cb1a2e0998177bd3199a3f4eabc Instalation procedure: Unrar it, put it in the clockworkmod/backup directory, go to CWM 5 and wipe data, system and then restore. After signing in to google, fire lucky patcher, then toolbox->patchToAndroid the select first two patches (Signature Ver always true and Disable .apk signature verification). I do choose the dalvik patch so no odex for core.jar. After reboot you'll have modded google play active. Remember that at every reboot a script is running that will zippalign every new application that you've linked 2 sd so if you have a lot of new apps linked2sd the boot will take longer ... Don't ever use reset to default the phone or you'll lose the launcher, just restore the nandroid if you need this ... Hope it works for you and if it does then enjoy it. You can report theming bugs if any maybe I'll look over when I have some spare time ... Thanks.
  6. Many changes: - ouch kernel compiled with linaro - zram activated - caller id lag fixed - services.jar patched with supercharger (oom bla bla bla) - memory leaks fixed - quad lockscreen embedded (not potter lock), animation modded - updated gpu drivers - kernel optimizations - link2d included - scripts that zipalign the new linked app 2sd - modded google play store included - lucky patcher included - next laucher 1.53 included - themed with lidroid blue metal theme - etc (I don't remember as I've done the changes as time passed) ... I'll test if the nandroid backup works on another phone and if it does then I'll upload it somewhere ... Anyway for me it's the most stable and fastest. If it will work for you then you're in luck ... Thanks.
  7. Guys, I've modded (themed, quad lockscreen modded, zram active, etc) and solved all bugs from Infusion B07 (B952) (call id, memory leaks - android system was growing in memory indefinitly forcing to restart the phone). Now it is stable and fast. I'll post a nandroid backup after I test the backup on my father's phone. Thanks to Tillaz for his work, otherwise I would have thrown the phone into the trash a long time ago. Thanks.
  8. This is what we need. Somthing that will not burdon the phone, slim and fast. Thanks
  9. I've googled it and oc have been added for galaxy on 3.4 kernel so it's doable...
  10. Hi, Great work, thanks. May I have a suggestion. This phone strugles with kk roms, to make it a little bit smoother add oc and compile the kernel with linaro tools. Thanks again for your work!
  11. Hi, Can someone upload V29 somewhere as I heard it works pretty well ... Thanks.
  12. someone should port slim 4.1.2 with default kernel from B952 compiled with linaro ... This would work all over phoenes very smooth as slim is slim :)
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