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  1. So, this is a revelation to me. is there a way to make the phone work with headphones with a headphone button through a patch or something? I tend to run through headphones quickly and having to tear each new one apart is inconvenient.
  2. Nope. And don't get your hopes up for it to work on 4.0+ ROMs anytime soon.
  3. Personally, I NEVER had a customGB Rom, NEVER. I installed CM9 back on March of last year (a few days after getting it) , went for CM10 and have been sticking with PJ for a while. Maybe if we get Halo I may think about ROMs without BT as it's kinda of a deal breaker for me. Yet, I believe that the devs worked hard on these ROMs and for that I am grateful. You made my phone awesome and I can't imagine being stuck with stock GB. I may stick with this phone for a while, so I'm looking forward to the future of it. Thanks for this amazing ride.
  4. I think I'm sticking with this layout for a while.
  5. How does the game data size relate to the processor frequency? Also I'm overclocked at 960MHz
  6. Isn't that the chick from Bioshock Infinite ?
  7. If it has the same broken stuff or if the BT is fixed, or visual glitches. BTW Does Int2ext+ work with this?
  8. I was just thinking about getting RootBox :P I'll wait for the OP to get updated.
  9. using the int2ext+ and everything is working fine I flashed the zip instead of putting the file in the ROM
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