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  1. That's going to be difficult, key combinations and long press functions are in the jar files in framework folder i think... you will have to decompile, change and recompile them. Since i don't really know java, I can't help you there :) Good luck! P.S. I might be wrong off course, but that's where I think these settings are.
  2. You should "ask" Google first, but here you go: https://mega.co.nz/#!Nt5RgDjR!EOxDOhyZBXPub8fkwauFHvkrDSS2G4xm4z-qElrgggM
  3. I think it depends on android version, so you probably should mention your OS version, is it generic or custom rom and so on :) From what I know (which is not allot), the key functions and button bindings are described in default or generic.kl. in this file you can check the button numbers and functions for power and volume down buttons, and there should be a second file describing hardware keys only, in my case it's called skate_keypad.kl (my current ROM is CM11 Android 4.4), and I think in that file you should change the volume down key function from VOLUME_DOWN to POWER. Here is how the file looks on my device: key 158 BACK WAKE_DROPPED key 139 MENU WAKE_DROPPED key 102 HOME WAKE key 115 VOLUME_UP WAKE key 114 VOLUME_DOWN WAKE key 116 POWER WAKE key 142 POWER WAKE key 226 HEADSETHOOK WAKE_DROPPED I suppose changing key 114 VOLUME_DOWN WAKE to key 114 POWER WAKE should make the volume down key wake the device, but I have not tested it, just a theory you could try :) Good luck! ..::Edit::.. I've just changed key 102 HOME WAKE to key 102 CALCULATOR WAKE, rebooted the phone and now the Home button launches the Calculator app, so it should work :)
  4. Well, when that happened to me I Un-mounted the SD card (Settings->Storage->Unmount SD), then from Apps->All i selected Media Storage and cleared Data and Cache (although the cache stayed at 12KB), than re-mounted the SD and the popup stopped. Could be that there are some errors on the FAT partition of the SD, should check it on a PC if I find my card reader. Hope that helps :) @ chukundeda : NexiRadio does not have sound for me either :( Why... I don't know yet.
  5. Thanks it works on the latest build, on the previous it just flashed white and nothing happened, on my device that is :)
  6. Thanks for the ROM, works great for now (using previous build, will flash the latest soon), but I have one question, how do I change the Profile selector to display my name, instead of Owner?
  7. I don't know where the problem might be in your case, but maybe something is wrong with CWM. The version of CWM should not matter I think. I also flashed the ROM and Gapps with CWM on my phone with no problems what so ever. You could try GooManager, obviously you don't have Play Store, so I suppose you can get the APK from somewhere (google search, aptoide etc.). GooManager should let you download and install gapps inside Android OS, at least I think that is what the program does, never used it myself. Hope this helps :)
  8. Well, volume rocker changes tracks for me in the default player when the screen is off, I don't know why it's not working for you :unsure:
  9. For reboot menu: System Settings->Developer Options and check Advanced reboot, Stay awake for the screen is also there. For Performance options tap a few times Build number in System Settings->About Phone. As for the other problems you are having, I can't say anything, but I'll check and see what I can do :) ..::Edit::.. Volume rocker music controls is in System Settings->Sound
  10. As far as I know TPT Helper does not work with this ROM. As for partition sizes, I'm using 220 system, 5 cache and the rest is data, it's more than enough for the ROM and Gapps (189 MB of system partition are used). You will need DPI version if you have changed default DPI on your device I suppose :unsure:
  11. Which ever you want I suppose, personally I'm using those from C3C0's ParanoidJelly2, although an older version than the one available there at the moment.
  12. I flashed over the 06/01 build as well, and all is working for me. What I did: 1. Enabled Expanded desktop from Settings/System/Power menu 2. Enabled PIE controls from Settings/System/Pie controls 3. rebooted the phone (dont know if you have to, but i did) 4. After the phone booted i held the power button and enabled Expanded desktop from there as well I hope this helps :)
  13. Hello good people, one quick question :) Is upgrade from the previous build possible, and if so, how would one go about it? Just flash over or what? And an answer to the question in the previous post ;)
  14. You can flash any TPT that you have or can download, check out this I can't find any custom TPT with 170MB Data, which seems to be what you need, you could offcourse ask someone to make one for you, other than that I don't know of any way to create a TPT without TPT Helper, there probably is a way though :unsure:
  15. You'll have to switch ROMs if you want to create custom TPT via TPT Helper, which does not work on this ROM, at least that's what I get from the previous post ;)
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