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  1. Most people do not like to flash TPT's, they prefer using the other method via Clockworkmod, which gives you a lot more flexibility. But of course you can make one yourself with TPT Helper from Market if you feel like helping your fellow Skaters. On the other hand it's been reported by 10 different people that the size of this latest CFX2 is larger than the previous ones, so people should read the thread carefully before flashing - it would avoid this many issues and cries for help :)
  2. Use the search function of the forum. It is not that hard, is it? Two seconds later I found this thread: http://www.modaco.co...app-tpt-helper/ and this one: http://www.modaco.com/topic/350826-app-tpt-helper/ ... and plenty others where similar questions were asked and answered.
  3. Guys, please open a separate thread for partitioning issues. Keep this thread clean for real issues and solutions regarding this ROM. As for TPT: there are some other threads clearly explaining how to increase/decrease your system partition. Please read these first before starting to complain.
  4. Definitely seems more responsive now. Will continue testing, but so far I am already a bit happier :)
  5. Not sure whether it is the same thing I am experiencing, but overall my experience with ICS and JB roms is indeed that the touchscreen is sometimes not always as responsive as it is under GB roms. So I hope you're onto something here. Looking forward to testing with this setting if you can implement it.
  6. Perhaps you could you the "Edit Post" function next time? Saves us having to read to 4-5 consecutive posts :)
  7. Haven't found it either. Guess Tilal had something else to do last night. Let's hope he finds some time today after school.
  8. The rom in the Skate section (Paranoid 2.54) works perfectly well on Skate.
  9. Decided to give the Zeelog Paranoid build a chance this morning. Running as smooth as Lalit's latest PA build, but I also get the graphical glitches here and there. Guess we'll have to wait until Konsta's graphical adjustments are implemented, and hope those solve everything.
  10. So far for everybody the CM9.1 by turning off Hybrid seems to be enough, if it is not enough for you, I think your only option is to compile it yourself. Good luck with that one :)
  11. Since Tilal's focus is on CM10 (and hopefully CM10.1 as well soon) I doubt you are going to see a separate CM9.1 version. If you really do not like Paranoid 1.6 you can turn off the Paranoid and get vanilla CM9.1 from C3C0's version. So why would you need a separate build?
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