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  1. I was a proud user of Liquid Next 1.9.2 (but i had less issue with the 1.9.1). Upgrading to this ROM (first beta1 then beta2) i noticed a great improvement on compositing, also compared wiht Acer official OS. But even if this makes navigating the home or preferences menu faster, i still needed a serious training to keep beta2 on the phone using it all day without too much headaches. The phone reboots by itself frequently and more frequently losts SIM PIN reasking this over and over. Plus, some troubles with App2SD. Even if going to Applications menu the reported usage of internal storage is very low (about 65MB but i often see this decreasing from a greater (~100-120MB) value as soon as the page shows up), the Play Store started to complain for insufficient disk space for every application i'm trying to install. I hope for a beta3 release soon. Anyway, keep up the good work! Davide.
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