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  1. I found this program to root easily the Huawei D1 Quad XL. Only work in official ICS 4.04 though. I tried in beta Jelly Bean Emotion UI and root didnt work but in official ICS no problem at all. Just make sure you have drivers installed correctly (install Huawei Hisuite it might help) and exectute Genotools-D1Q.exe and click on Root button...wait a moment and the button will change to Unroot which means root applied succesfully. Close the program and you'll realize you have a cool icon called SuperSu lolz https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4jlv90eggyyh46/Genotools-D1Q.exe
  2. Official chinese link of B120 http://www.huaweidevice.com/cn/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDIwNzI=
  3. weckl

    Review of D1

    Yes. Emotion UI is confirmed forP1, P1 XL, D1,D1 XL and D1 Quad, D1 Quad XL too, even probably the old Huawei Honor and the new one (G600). The Emotion UI ICS stable versionof the chinese ROM for P1 will be released tomorrow and Jelly Bean stable version later. English version will be releaed before end of the year.
  4. Yes Sausalito. I specially recommend you this seller I know 100 % trust seller, fast and very kind. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Huawei-Ascend-D1-quad-xl-2600-mah1-4G-quad-core-K3v2-Processor-4-5-1280x-720/405007_630855773.html
  5. Yes, definately the G500 Pro is what G300 should have been . Is beutifully crafted . For me is the most beautiful of G series. http://www.gizmochina.com/2012/09/03/huawei-ascend-g500-pro-canceled-by-360buy-com/ But seems to have been cancelled.
  6. In China first batch sold out !! Next batch 19 September. In Europe will arrive end October. Finally the D1 Quad normal edition will have 1800 mAh. The D1 Quad XL have 2600 mAh.
  7. Huawei Ascend D1 White color http://mobile.it168.com/tu/1388948_1.shtml
  8. I have a friend from China (100% a guy to trust) that is selling his almost brand new Huawei Ascend P1 Black color (only one month using it) for 240 pounds. He wants to switch to P1 XL as soon as possible. If you are interested please send me private message and I give you my email with more details. Thanks a lot. The price include shipment, screen protector, 2 cases and UK power adapter for the chinese charger. Don't miss this opportunity ! Already sold , thanks.
  9. Yeah !! At last Ascend D1 Quad XL available in China 12 september ! And lots of new models released very soon : -D1 XL -P1 XL -D1 white color -G500 ... The Pegasus horse has arrived LOL http://www.vmall.com/item-2-296
  10. I'm talking about China market. All this rumored release dates are suppoused to take place in China. So I guess the order of release in China will be : September-October: Huawei Ascend G500 PRo, Ascend D1 Quad XL , Ascend D1 Quad, Ascend D1 XL, Ascend P1 XL, Ascend G600... But watching IFA 2012 Huawei press conference that took place yesterday in Berlin seems most of the new Huawei Ascend range including the FHD 10 mediapad are as near as October in Europe (first in germany I guess, following Russia, UK...) release, maybe later in other european countries. Emotion UI final version will be available tomorrow in China for the Ascend P1.
  11. After MediaPad FHD 10 release tomorrow Huawei will focus at last in the release of D1 Quad XL first (yes XL before than normal D1 Quad), in two days then D1 Quad will be released, P1 XL will be released later. And another model will be released too (Huawei Ascend G600 also known as Honor 2). 6 September also will be released another phone the G500 Pro (Shanyao). September will be a busy month for Huawei :-)
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