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  1. GOOGLE and try to find programs for SD Card formating tools,i managed to solv similar problem with Hirens Boot CD.
  2. Try to format SD card with a serious program and then try to flash stock rom, according to what you write your phone is not dead.
  3. Wich kernel can be flashed for CM9,im on 109808 baseband.Wich is the safest?
  4. What needs to be done except the registration to download the CM7 Rom?
  5. Instaled after 2x wipes and everything works perfekt,Dazzozo you are the GOOD of G300.This is a benchmark with low clas SD card.
  6. Procesor : min 245 max 1228 Governor : SMARTASv2 I/O scheduler : NOOP zRam : 18%
  7. Tillaz upload the FINAL,I cant wait to try,im on infusion since 13.september when i buy my G300.
  8. One word "AMAZING" no freez, no reboot,camera all work,smooth,fast. MOTHER of ROM-s.
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