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  1. I have been having occasional problems of losing mobile signal and the operator search function not working without a reboot - even with 2g only ticked. I have found that if i remove the 'mobile data' tile from the dropdown quicksettings panel i dont get the problem (system/quick settings panel/tiles and layout ) Getting a bootloader unlock code from huawei is seeming to take me forever ,so until then this 'fix' will have to do,and might help someone out if their phone is doing the same ?
  2. Updated to the nightly yesterday and all is peachy :) No more 'process has stopped wait or quit' messages,no reboots,no mobile network barfs and havent had to charge the battery today either Cheers Daz
  3. http://pikachukaki.googlecode.com/files/ToolBox5iromV1.0.4.2.apk
  4. I doubt the Vowney will cost so little when it is actually in stock/released ;)
  5. So many phones,so little money :( I really like that
  6. Not a fix for the problem of losing signal but you could try using 'no signal alert' from the play store ,which will alert you when signal is dropped,so you don't have to keep on manually checking. I'm in a poor signal area and i find it handy to know when i've lost signal
  7. allbackup wont work on JB ,you will have to use a different backup app - gobackup is mentioned quite often..
  8. Thanks The sd card seems to be ok,i can read it on my pc at least
  9. I have put my g300 through a full 40c wash cycle,so it is deaded (actually just the screen is knackered,the phone boots up ,recieves calls,vibrates and even the notification light works ! Just a shame i cant actually see anything other than a funky smudgy blue pattern and a crack in the lcd :) ) I'm getting a replacement g300 and was wondering if there would be any problem - imie being different - using a cwm backup from my ex phone on my new one ? Cheers
  10. Just do a cwm backup of your current cm9 install before you start and then have a go,you can always revert to cm9 easily then if things dont go right .I've just updated my cm9 to cm10 and had to manually install the JB gapps package after the update (cm10 wouldn't boot until i'd done this ) . Everything seems ok so far,but i may do a clean install anyway,just to clean my phone up a bit
  11. I have the same card ,but with 20gb data on it.Takes a good minute for the disk symbol to go out after a reboot- phone is usable in a few seconds tho ( except for the gallery widget ) Hardly ever reboot so not a problem for me,i ought to clean the card up a bit tho as a large part of the total is just cwm backups
  12. Hi gzola Just watch out for the next gotcha - the crappy vodaphone bloatware.One of which will drop your connection and try and log on to the vodaphone network.I managed to get rid of it using rom toolbox lite,but it wasn't straightforward and i'm not competant enough to offer advice on how to do it im sorry.( I dont mind the possibility of messing up my own phone,but dont want to mess someone elses up :) ) Just ask in here if you do get that problem - someone will be able to help
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