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  1. I did that and it was a complete fail. The tool was reporting success, but the device went into SD Download Mode and started to vibrate constantly. It's like a buzzing electric shaver now. It does this as soon as it's turned on, even when trying to boot into recovery. All it says is: Removing battery is the only way to switch it off. I can't repeat the above mentioned procedure, as the device is no longer booting and thus can't be recognized.
  2. No! Flashing fw didn't help. I didn't pay much attention before, but I get the "The application Launcher (process com.android.Launcher2) has stopped!" message. This error seems memory related. My friend took the phone with her and won't return until next weekend. So there's nothing I can do til then.
  3. I will. Downloaded the fw already. Thx again.
  4. Hard reset didn't help. Seems that the launcher is damaged. Will install fw tomorrow.
  5. Yeah, learning the hard way is always the most effective way. Hard Reset seems to have done the trick. She's setting up her phone right now.
  6. :( That's bad. So there is no way to preserve contacts when updating through recovery. Have to talk to my friend first. She'll be devastated. I'll start with a hard reset. If this doesn't help, I'll apply a new fw. Thx for your help chemicalbuz
  7. Thx chemicalbuz Android stock recovery is all there is. Contacts were synced just once when the phone was set up. No sync but lots of new contacts since. SMS are a minor problem. I guess she can live without them. FW is not branded. I was led to believe a ROM is the same as firmware. What's the difference? Will updating the firmware also wipe data (contacts)? My guess is that some system files are corrupted. What would be the best way to repair them without losing the data?
  8. Hi there! A friend of mine gave me her Liquid MT to help her regain access to the phone. The phone is manufactured Oct. 2011 and still has stock GB. It's not rooted, no CWM, USB debugging is not switched on. The phone halts on startup. The lockscreen is partially there but fails to load to completion. There's no pin verification, no reaction to any touch event and thus no access to the homescreen. Even the buttons don't work properly. For instance you can't power down the phone cause long-press-power-button doesn't work. It sits there totally unaccessible. I can boot into recovery however. Wiping cache didn't help. My friend is very reluctant to let me perform a hard reset, as having never made a backup or synced with Google Mail, she doesn't want to loose her contacts and messages. <_< Last resort is updating the fw through recovery "apply sdcard: update.zip". I'm not familiar with updating ROMs and don't even know, if this is possible. If so, I guess this will only work with official ROMs. I was looking for fw at ACER website and was offered "OS_Acer_4.000.13.EMEA.CUS7_A23G_A.zip". I'm a little confused, because there is no mention of a CUS7 fw on this forum. Only GENs. Updating this fw through recovery failed. I renamed it to update.zip and put it into root. Got "E: signature verification failed". The package contains Windows files (*.msi, setup.exe, *.pdf, NetFramework). So I guess this isn't updateable through recovery anyway. Can anyone 1.) confirm that I may update fw through recovery 2.) point me to right fw file (german) 3.) help me out in any other way Thank you very much in advance!!
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