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  1. private seller said code is official
  2. actually neither one of CM's will they http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/servicePolicy.do?method=preUnlock help me?
  3. Sometimes i didn't receive calls, phone unlocked, tried 2G only, sync off, changed SIM card to new. Where is the problem?
  4. download again to pc, put zip into microsd and flash again
  5. explain, how you get\see signal drop\issue
  6. can you explain more about signal loss? I'm 10 meters (!!!) away from mobile tower (he is on the roof) with excelent (-51 dBm) signal and 2G only, but sometimes i have missing calls (they forwarding to other phone). In settings\battery - 'time without signal' is 0%
  7. gensai, maybe you need this one:
  8. Some missing calls even with 2G and excellent signal with R7 release (update from R6, not clean install). Anyway R6 good enough for me
  9. same here. And missing calls even with 2G and excellent signal...
  10. ROM is very unstable (often reboots), when using latest Skype with 3G. Didn't tried with wifi
  11. tillaz> 'final' means 'end development'?
  12. Infusion ROM can be flashed with CWM v6.0.1.8 ?
  13. so checkboxes what for? Pointless option. F.e. made OTA CM10 on SGS2 - there wipe data not necessary and works fine

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