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  1. Well, I've just phoned the repair service and they're going to send me a prepaid envelope. I have to send cellphone, battery, charger and USB cable. If there is physical damage or leaking, I´ll have to pay. Well, there is no physical damage, I mean, no scratches at all. But you don't need to be a genius to guess the problem. Fingers crossed.
  2. @rangeoshun I don't know how I can check if it's just the battery, but I remember some smoke and I still can check the smell ;) @Plegdroid, @omegavesko: yes, I thought the same option, but I'm not sure if this problem is covered by the warranty or if it's better buying a new one. Well, I'll try, no doubts. Thanks!
  3. Hello mates, and happy new year! These days I connected my OMC to a non-standard USB and, well, it's dead. I know it was my fault because I didn't check the volts at the output, and besides that the phone is unlocked and with a different ROM, so the warranty is not an option. Anyway, I'm happy with this phone (and I'm not rich) so I'd like to know if it can be repaired. Should I send it to ZTE repair service? Is it worth it? Any tip? Cheers!
  4. I think it´s better if we stop that off topic, because I totally disagree with you and this isn't the right place to discuss that :)
  5. At the moment it´s working without problems. Thanks so much. Great work!
  6. I have same problems with this version :( I'm "stuck" in MokeeOS (it's not bad at all!).
  7. uh.. I have 2 files but I have no idea what I could do, where I have to look :blush:
  8. Thanks C3CO, as I said, I'm not blaming you, I know it's not your fault so don't worry about that, I've been using always your roms and I'll change to another of your creations. I don't use titanium back up but the same files on the SD. I'll do a last try with a formated memory card. Best regards mate :D
  9. I give up with this rom :( I have a lot of crashes with Paranoid Android (even I need to reboot if I want to check if someone has sent me a message). I know it's not C3CO's fault, because I've used others roms created by him and his work is excelent, actually, I'll go back to CM7, MokeeOS or even Skatie (not sure yet). I will check the next PA version.
  10. Hi mate, thanks for your advices. At the moment I'm not using any theme and I still have restarts and some apps stopping. Besides this, I'm not using taks killers or anything like that and using the same apps I used to install in my phone with other ROMs (Skatie, Mokee, CM9 and now Paranod Android), nothing special: - sslauncher - link2SD - k9 mail - instagram - ..etc About the command: cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr : 6241 0 42271 I attach a new logcat with a fatal error included. Thank you so much mate :) logcat-1349193249331.zip
  11. At the moment I´m using sslauncher. Actually, I have 2 problems: 1. Sometimes the apps are stopping, several message errors. Even the status bar disappears. Finally, I have to reboot manually the phone. 2. The phone restarts without notice. Logcat attached. EDIT: Maybe not the best logcat, I had "just" a restart logcat-1349126089783.zip
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