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  1. simforgotten

    Having some trouble after doing kernel flash!!!!

    I am having some issue with the video player. I recently copied two 720p videos they are runnung well but no sound can be heard. I have some other 720p videos and they are runnign properly with sound. The recent two videos are both dual audio. Is there any compatibility issue?
  2. simforgotten

    Having some trouble after doing kernel flash!!!!

    Ok, after uninstalling the superuserSU and installing just superuser, my issue got resolved. Thanks for your help. :)
  3. simforgotten

    Having some trouble after doing kernel flash!!!!

    Guyz please suggest something. Is the semaphore 2.7.4 already a rooted kernel? If yes, then how come I cannot use the semaphore features in my phone? Also, no superuser. :(
  4. simforgotten

    Having some trouble after doing kernel flash!!!!

    Ok I did some googling and after that I have modified my rom to gingerbread 2.3.6 with baseband XXJW4 and build XWJW5. Then I flased the semaohore 2.7.4 kernel. I have got the script manager installed but I have no root access and hence cannot use any features of the semaphore kernel. Can please anyone help me out on how to root my phone so that I can use all the features of semaphore 2.7.4? Thanks. I have checked with root check app and it says my phone does not has root access. I got CWM installed though. Also, I tried to download and install superuserSU by chainfire, it got installed and I got prompt for binary update, I clicked to update but the message came as "installation failed". :(
  5. simforgotten

    Having some trouble after doing kernel flash!!!!

    Guyz please help me out, I am in lots of trouble. Please suggest something to solve the issues.
  6. Hi guyz, I am totallly newbie here, this is my first post. I am having some problem with my phone after some customization. Let me debrief the whole incident: 1. I updated my phone to stock gingerbread 2.3.3 yesterday night. 2. The phone information are as following: Baseband version - I9000DDJV5 Kernel - [email protected] #2 Build number DDJV9 3. Then I flashed the phone with a rooted kernel, it was the same kernel just rooted additionally. 4. Superuser, tweaks and CWM got installed. 5. I took a back up of the system. 6. I flashed my phone with a Voodoo kernel. And the problems started. They are not huge problems but still.... 1. Superuser access revoked 2. Can enter CWM in recovery mode but not in normal mode. Cannot create any new backups. :( 3. Cannot enter Tweaks 4. Wallpapers not opening 5. I have not checked any other apps yet. I restored my phone with previous back up but no good. Same problems persists. Also I cannot here the sound during booting. Now I need suggestions for the following: 1. Should I get back to original 2.3.3 kernel and then root again? If yes, then how to do it? 2. Should I flash any other rom to resolve these issues? 3. I want to use Voodoo sound mod to enhance music experience, how should I do that? Thanks for all of the suggestions. :) Some additional update: I did a restore and then wiped the cache and data and now I cannot receive any phonecalls/sms. :( :( Guyz please suggest something how to get back to stock rom/resolve these issues. :( :(

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