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  1. That is actually a common feature which Huawei ROM just lacked. What is so unpleasant about it?
  2. No, thats pretty normal score for not overclocked phone. Antutu score pretty much copies the clock speeds, if you overclock by 20% (1 -> 1.2Ghz) then score will raise around 20%...
  3. 3 days 13 hours uptime at the moment, no slowdowns....
  4. I don't think Daz has any problem to get a job :) Skilled and hard working people are very nicely paid and demanded in IT.
  5. I think that unresponsive touch buttons were bigger problem, even though they fixed it pretty fast, its still scary that they passed it through output control and released it. All in all, it's not giving big credit for Huawei at all, but it doesn't mean we won't be getting HWA. Quite the opposite... they always came through so far, even if its more later than sooner.
  6. Blob visited me too and it seems its usually in the higher middle of the screen... isn't the CPU right on the other side? We bought cheap phone, this was bound to happen... Huawei is obviously not a charity and fairly decent hardware needs to be compensated with cheap manufacturing, let's hope that these temporary blobs are the only problem that lot of us will need to handle.
  7. I really don't get why manufacturers are so afraid of modding community? If anything, they should be supporting it, ferociously... modding community is usually making the device even better, which raises interest in the actual devices. It seems to me that they really don't understand how open-source community works and how to co-operate and profit from mutual work. They have whole bunch of people who does their work for free and they are afraid of them? My head just does not compute this kind of silly nonsense...
  8. I don't see deep enough into Android, but I do know Linux well enough. It should work, fstab shouldn't be device specific thing... it says where do you want to mount your partitions. It has little bit different semantics than fstab on GNU/Linux but it looks basically the same.
  9. SolitaryCZ

    Source code question

    I feel like I have to respond to this old thread, because lot of people here have wrong idea about GNU General Purpose Licence (GNU GPL) and you are wrong. Richard Stallman's quote is not confusing, its actually very straight forward and correct. GNU GPL code is free/libre (as speech) in meaning, that you can take someone else's code and change it, you can redistribute it or sell it, you can use part of it in your own code... there is ONLY TWO demands, the result you make is GNU GPL as well and you make source code available to everyone who might/will use your result. It's not free (as beer) because YOU CAN sell it... for whatever you ask for. There is many commercial GNU GPL projects, lot of them doesn't even concern you, because they are developed only between two subjects (example: developer company#1 making some kind of managment system for another company#2... using someone else's GNU GPL code in their work => their code must be GNU GPL as well => they sell that system to other company#2 and must give them source codes too (but only to them), company#2 is now independent on developer company#1, so they can ask developer company#3 to modify their source code for lower price than company#1 is willing to take, in the end that means there is low risk of vendor-lockin). You can go to the extreme, take Ubuntu, rename and rebrand it, change one line of code in Linux kernel, rename it to Lynux... and sell it as completly new OS for $1000 a piece. Noone will buy it, because its stupid marketing, but you can try... you are free to do so. Otherwise there would be no laptops and mobile devices (or routers, refridgerators,... etc.) with Linux systems... why? Because you wouldn't be able to sell it with that system on board... it doesn't matter you ask money for hardware only, you are still making money of it. So GNU GPL doesn't have to be free (as beer),... but usually is.
  10. So far only Screenshot ER (demo) worked for me... it needs rooted phone, but only this one applied workaround that made screenshots colors correct. Other apps took pictures with strong greenish tint and that was it.
  11. Aha, ok... thanks. So, what are we talking about here? Is it some kind of android app or extra feature, desktop utility or... ?
  12. Yes, that works... it turns off that auto-compensation, but I don't know why... after I start the app again its very dark, if you skip to "auto" and let it auto-correct lighting and then jump back to "action" its better, it gets dark again (of course), but not that dark as if you start the app right into "action mode". Ah, ok... its because of focus, if you refocus it, it will catch the light better. Btw, I noticed that auto focus does not work with video recording, it needs to be set up on continuous-video, otherwise you will have only one focus point - the one you got when you focused and started shooting, everything else will be out of focus. Dammit, I thought that MSM7227A (which is in G300) is 45nm... It seems that G300 was kinda prematurely released, it just not complete yet (volume, button problems)... but I am afraid that this maybe isn't a bug or incomplete implementation, but rather "feature". If the hardware is capable then let's be honest, this phone is rather fine piece of hardware for very cheap price and Huawei certainly doesn't want it to compete with its own portfolio. I think this could be intentional. Lot of companies make their lower-end products artificially worse. So let's hope someone will unlock it's true capabilities, whatever they might be.
  13. I seriously doubt that 64px will make any visible difference in quality... only real difference is in screen aspect ratio and video being more wider because of it... and playback on the phone will have black lines as widescreen video. So I don't really see any positive note to it.
  14. jikobutsu: I think that bad lighting conditions are the problem... you can immediately see it through the LCD view that video framerate had seriously dropped (making that blur effect while you move). It has to do something with exposure I guess... if you check -12 exposure compensation it won't happen... you will of course have very dark video, but because there aren't big lighting differences it won't make those lighting corrections. But I must say that default camera app does it too...

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