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  1. Right now i tried miui ported from zte .... Camera, external memory card not found... and minor bugs .... I hope that there will be fully functional miui for 6030x :D
  2. There is one, but ported ftom zte ... It is still an early alpha ... Not for everyday use ...
  3. It's been a while, and there was not a single rom for our mt6577 based device.... Since now. One of devs from Poland forum made a port from ZTE v970/v970m for it, and it is still in alpha stage.. For now, there are a lot of things that don't work such as : camera, camcorder, microphone ... There are lags after phone calls etc etc ... So it is not for daily use, but it is quite interesting, because we now have hope for, at least, custom JB Update... So, here is original thread on that Polish forum : http://forum.android.com.pl/f1006/android-4-2-2-jb-alpha-6b-alcatel-ot-6030x-potrzebni-testerzy-388635/ Latest Alpha build is 6b, and link for it is here : https://mega.co.nz/#!ikBXCJIB!6rArsuGbJVqq6OgahmRUF_tOJNwWJm7tiuZOva5B7HI Note : This rom is experimental and unstable. Use it on your own risk !!! Install it like always. .. Wipe everything and then install from zip... p.s. Do backup first Cheers.
  4. It was pretty fun while it lasted ... Remember those days on irc... waiting for new builds ... that euphoria .... :D Now i have alcatel idox mt6577 device, and there is not a single rom for it ... I am pretty bored, but my device works pretty nice ... Just 8500 antutu points... but it works pretty nice .. :D
  5. Too bad that i sold my G300, so i will not be able to try next version of FirefoxOS :/
  6. You can, when you go to messaging app, then tap menu and settings... You will find it by scrooling down ... Happy NY :)
  7. This build is pretty nice... Need some polishing, and it will be it !
  8. Hmm, when art is on, some apps, such as Facebook are not working ... Another issue, automatic exposure of video recording is not working... Besides that, everything works, plenty of ram free...
  9. That would be great for inexperienced users. There are many users which want to try this, but are afraid because some of features don't work after update. I am still satisfied with second nightlie, last one didnt update, i will wait for some bigger changelog :)
  10. Yeah, forgot to mention that cm sources are buggy, so we cannot expect bugless rom, of course :) I use it too, everything what i need works, so i am cool with this one ... Important thing, and that is default storage selection, is fixed :)
  11. There is plenty of work to do here, and Daz surely knows what has to be done in future releases. These are first builds, so it is pretty normal to have various bugs... By the way, settings for external sdcard to be default now work !
  12. I also had problems with OTA update, stuck on finishing boot message. I entered to recovery, flashed gapps stripped and it went ok, but without launcher. Then i entered settings, set lockescreen shortcut to google play, entered it, installed nova launcher... Also, gallery app was missing, so i extracted it from zip, installed normally, and it works... Pretty strange issues, but easily solved. edit : Also, battery life is good, phone is all the time at sleep, so good work :)
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