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  1. Just doing my occasional lookin, so changed my password. No email from Modaco or haveibeenpwned. mick
  2. Small update this morning, still 5.1 now 221.201.2 falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB
  3. 20th Oct 2015 Moto G tesco 1st gen just updated to 5.1 system version 221.21.56 falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB
  4. Just updated original Gen 1 Tesco Moto G from kitkat to Lollipop 5.02 Took about 50 minutes including the download, install, update of apps & play, all seems good, still have everything as before (Nova launcher, bubbles wallpaper etc) just a bit snappier, but early days. Seemed to sit for a long time on the bootloader screen halfway, patience and a cupper :) Edit: I am finding the compass and star maps much improved, I use Field Compass, Google Star Map and Stellarium Mobile or should I say I can now use these apps without everything jumping around and glitching. I had to uninstall and reinstall Stellarium, original app from Amazon app store so google play may not have updated when updating to Lollipop, Well pleased with that :) :)
  5. Had same yesterday morning, think it was just an update to the update app so the phone is ready. It's here on playstore.
  6. MickJack


    Nice to hear the compass is good, any one try any astronomy apps, google sky etc. Would be great to see some pictures. please :) :)
  7. On offer at PC World (or is that Dixon's Carphone) for £114.99 seems like a good buy tho not as cheap as they were doing it at Christmas. Came with 4.2, ota to 4.3 and then ota to 4.4.2 and a couple of system upgrades, fast and works well. I was looking for a slightly larger tablet but this seemed to have all I needed including ecompass, gps and gyro sensor. I am having trouble getting the compass to work, app's claim interference and sky maps, google and sky safari both jump around and have no idea where north/south ect is, would love to use this sort of app anyone with any clues. There must be some large magnets in the back of the tablet, I can stick it to the fridge ! my guess is this is the interference? Great toy for now, like the stylus, speed (35000+ antutu) and sound quality (can they be speaker magnets? Just ordered a the case, pc world again, for £19.99. Edit: WHAT !! just seen PC World have it back down to £99.99
  8. Thanks paul, all and willdashwood's post #62, had to flash this (ota not installing on rooted tesco) half hour later offered ota update, this time installed easy, time to play ;-)
  9. Just completed same - thanks to those above - rooted & unlocked Tesco that would not install ota update to 4.4, flashed standard rom as sticky thread, half hour later offered ota update, downloaded & installed with no problems, lost photo's & music from so backup any thing you need to keep. Now to play with kitkat ;-)
  10. I am 16g Tesco, bootloader unlocked & rooted method 2, OTA just stops and boots back to 4.3 handset is seen as XT1032 but I was thinking the update was failing because of root, tried to disable superu and the app has now disappeared from my handset, but I still seem to be rooted. Don't want to spent hours playing around and reinstalling apps, I am in waiting mode :-) as it is my phone is so much better than my G300.
  11. Just been offered the update, Tesco 16g, root,unlockedbootloader, downloaded the update will install later, looking into the handset files cannot see or know what I am looking for ? Happy to copy and dropbox/drive if I knew what it looked like and where it is hidden. Guess someone who knows what they are doing will be on it but won't run the update until later. Edit: 10am ish, getting it now, the update is the Blur_Version.14.71.8.falcon_umts.TescoSL.en.GB.zip as above, good work dwl99. also more links on xda. looks like we have what we wanted :-) 2nd Edit: 11am ish, Just used 'rom toolbox app', found the zip in cache, will watch dwl99's and others before installing, expect it may not, I am XT1032 as well and working well on 4.3. I am sure a flashable file will be here soon or I will be on to tillaz's infusion. 3rd Edit 5.30pm. asked handset to install, failed. Started again, full download - straight into install (handset plugged into charger) failed again. no reason shown, starts ok but just stops and reboots back to where I started.
  12. I get stage 5 but it is greyed out, not an option ? Edit: So I have been trying to install the odd app from Dropbox, worked in the past, but getting parsing error since root. Have emailed app to myself - still parsing error. Just pasted app into google drive and installed just as you would expect. funny old world eh !
  13. Had the moto G for a while, just got round to unlocking the bootloader and rooting. I am not good at this and need to pick my way across the instructions slowly (very slowly). There are good guides to unlocking the bootloader out there: http://www.androidpit.com/moto-g-unlock-bootloader-and-root http://www.android.gs/unlock-motorola-moto-g-bootloader/ http://androidflagship.com/3436-unlock-bootloader-moto-g and more just a google away I tried to root method 1 but it did not seem to want to work so on to this thread and method 2. All going well until the sideload supersu bit, had the 'device not found' problem, the win7 laptop has had no problem seeing the moto G until now !! Quit and read up a bit more, thanks to ahac85 and mheman for the tip to updating driver from device manager (post #28), my motorola driver was in "android devices". Flash again and reboot handset and we now have root, supersu in the apps drawer. Only now do I see that I have a nice fresh handset, all my app and data gone, my backup using MyBackupPro app gone so no restore, not a problem just a bit of work to do in a idle moment or hour, photo's have gone as well, I should have known better, nothing importent but a lesson learned. Thanks Paul and all on here.
  14. Yes I know I can apply the American update but quite happy with the phone and don't mind waiting for an official ota. Have exchanged a couple of emails with motorola uk support, either they don't know or understand whats on the web page or they are unable to say, least way's it's wait and see.
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