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  1. Guy0161

    G300 U8818

    Frankish, What is the process, can you pls let me know the steps i don't have any idea how to start ? Thanks,
  2. Guy0161

    G300 U8818

    Hi weckl Thanks, but it is not working i load the rom of 8815 and can't upgrade the device. Pls advise step by step i might miss somthing here. Thanks,
  3. I wuold like to flash my phone from 8818 to 8815, can some one lead me step by step how to do so ? Thanks,
  4. Guy0161

    G300 U8818

    Hi Frankish, Thanks for the advise, can you lead me hot to flashing the device (step by step) as i'm quiet new with android ? Thnaks, Guy
  5. Guy0161

    Free Unlocking

    can someone describe the process steps for unlocking ?
  6. I bought such device in China, but can't install google , google play. it seems like it's block. Ho can i install updated rom that include google and link to the market ? Thanks,

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