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  1. Hi, I come to announce that I'm going through my blade to my sister because I bought a Sony Xperia P on Black Friday, many thanks to everyone who helped me, it was a pleasure to meet you all, goodbye ...
  2. When he gets about 90% of a mistake and brick the blade, but I recover by TPT
  3. I'm having error when I try to put the 220MB partition as I do?
  4. My ZTE Blade not coming back to the partition of 220MB, an error of brick and what I do?
  5. An easier way of working proximity sensor and light too! http://goo.gl/weNgW (Flash in Recovery) Running well here, both the proximity sensor and the light sensor. Ai test and tell if it worked or not :) (If not, calibrate the proximity sensor in Zte Blade Settings.)
  6. The addons from Swedish snow RLS7 work in this rom? (zte dialer, etc.)
  7. I guess I'll have to stop using this rom, my signal drops and back of nowhere, does anyone know a solution, or I'll have to find another Rom?
  8. I also tried and could not, I think the way is to go on topic Mokee and try to talk to him.
  9. If at least he gave the tutorial to add new languages, would be of great help.
  10. I'm sure this man http://www.modaco.com/user/932905-c3c0/ knows adding new languages ​​to this Rom, it was he who changed the Mokee Rom since I talked to him for him to add new languages ​​to this Rom, but he said he was not interested in it, but let's see almost every Friday, we update.
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