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  1. got my slimport. doesn't work at all on TV in lounge. works on daughters bedroom TV for about a minute then loses signal. tried different HDMI leads to no avail. gonna try on mum n dads TV which is newer when I get time. will update the thread with any news. any ideas? too much hassle sending it back to HK for what I paid for it. if it doesn't work think I'll go the miracast route.
  2. flashed through clockwork no probs. lost root though. update# rerooted no probs. volume seems louder through speaker. happy with the update.
  3. Our TV is knocking on and the missus wants iPlayer (we only have freeview) so the chromecast seems a potentiality good choice. currently only on copper wire broadband though as fibre not yet in the village so will investigate nearer the time. Will look into miracast though :-)
  4. Gonna get the chromecast when its official(ie cheap, lol) in the UK. Looking forward to getting this though. At that price its worth a punt. NFS: Most Wanted and Ashphalt 8 should look good on the big screen :-)
  5. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=131041342290 On its way. Will let you guys know what its like. Anyone use one? Any thoughts?
  6. streaming YouTube etc and volume on full. even my blade v had louder volume. anyone else a bit frustrated? have I missed something obvious? cheers
  7. on 3g (three UK) I have blue on v2 and v2.1. no such luck on WiFi but doesn't seen to affect services.
  8. kinda desperate to get a half decent case now. anyone had any luck? use mine at work and the back is already showing micro scratches. cheers
  9. sorry for double post. here's a screenshot.
  10. done update. smooth with no issues. no discernible difference as yet. may be a little snappier.
  11. +1 for that. I guess we all play our part in creating the buzz on here tho.
  12. thanks for the heads up. downloaded the links and backing up stuff to Google drive. I'm on holiday so on 3g and have a shedload of photos so will take a while. got a recent MCR backup so I will be taking the plunge sometime this evening.I'll report back if I can. all the best
  13. got the phone mount on your recommendation. nice piece of kit and fast delivery.
  14. had first random reboot browsing gallery this morning. other than that its slick gui and camera app make it a keeper. probably just me but seems to charge faster????
  15. Cheers Pete. Must say the Bluetooth set has got me thinking. Didn't realise one with a built in FM radio could be had at that price point.
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