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  1. any solutionfor that problem? pda: b7610nxxjc2 csc: b7610ndbtik5 telefon b7610nxxjc1
  2. also ich finde ein paar veraltete threads zum thema low light camera qualität..speziell bei jc2 nutzern....aber nirgendwo einen lösungsansatz! pda:b7610NXXJC2 CSC:B7610NDBTIK5 telefon B7610NXJC1 vielleicht liegts an der csc oder telefon datei... Comeone guys...help me the low light quality is like a 1mp camera from the 90s
  3. i have the sampe problem WHY DOES NO ONE HELPS? YOU GUYS DONT HAVE THAT?
  4. please re up again...i really hope that camera is better then the noise on jc2 wm6.5
  5. thanks for answer...there is no 6.5 rom with good camera quality? no chance to fix it? i have seen the experiment31fixed camera cab but its not working on my official rom...is it working on custom made´s? some more advice´s would be great,thx
  6. kann mir mal bitte jemand einen tip geben,es ist dringend!!! danke
  7. come on guys..i start a travel on thursday for a week and i wanne use the camera there.
  8. hi, this seems to be the best and most active b7610 board ,so i hope for some help :o) i have some trouble with the b7610...since i installed the free jc2 rom (märz 2010) the camera quality totally sucks...is it possible to solve that problem? if not..i am looking for another rom -no branding,fast and stabil -good camera quality -working wifi,gps,wlan etc. i wanne use it with spb mobile 3.5 and i can install the most programs that i need by myself...so it would be great if you guys have some advice thx
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