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  1. Thanks! This is the best thing since i was using hungarian language also! Now since i switched to US English, all the green screen problems are gone.
  2. it's official 2.1 - then you can follow to install custom rom
  3. 2.1 update copy dload directory to sd card turn off phone keep pressing red button + volume up "Preparing to update …" happens if finished and automatic restart dont happen remove battery now you have 2.1 official hungarian rom
  4. This verifying update package error comes up to me when i try to flash using outdated Amonra or clockworkmod here try this version
  5. Excellent help brother. I quickly did a firmware upgrade by tapping the menu+phone off+power button so i cant tell you exactly what version of recovery i was using.
  6. I installed plenty of roms before, using clockworkmod successfully. However with the last try, i got into a boot loop. The system doesnt load. I removed the battery, waited 5 minutes, and after reinserting battery phone turns on. Tried waiting for 20 minutes now, i still have the problem: I can't turn off the phone - therefore can't go into clockworkmod. What are my options?
  7. ". It is 106MB in system size. " Therefore your 110 MB should be sufficient.
  8. Kernel: 2.6.29-perf. its based on flb-mod i think
  9. I like DMC much better. Everything works as intended in it, and is much faster than stock. Link
  10. This is the best rom out of 5 that i tried. Only got one problem though, after a few hours, a green screen started showing up, and following that a reboot. I concluded that the orientation sensor, causes the green screen for me, since moving the phone sideways causes greenscreen and reboot following that. Solved reboot by turning off rotation. Did anybody come across an easy fix for this?
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