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  1. Antutu recently got updated and changed there scoring system. Phones are generally getting better scores
  2. @tillaz never thought of building carbon or something similar for the y300? I'm sure there would be plenty of donators including me who would help money wise. When you get the phone obviously
  3. Good work mate. Proper appreciated. Have you not considered slimbean. The ROMs are only 80mb or so. But way more features than cm. Also have you considered building with sabermod toolchain. My experience is it speeds up a rom lots.
  4. If this is going to be updated than it should be pinned
  5. Coming from my s2 i can say the main differences between 4.2 and 4.3 is mainly under the hood. 4.3 is fast as even in this early stage. If you want a phone with the latest os buy a supported phone. I have just sold my s2 and am getting sick of flashing the latest build every day. Theres something to be said for stability. Saying that i will get bored soon and buy a nexus:D
  6. Good work tillaz. Would it be possible to add halo. That would be immense
  7. Used pac rom on s2 and even on there it was slow. Look at this thread. Slim bean built with sabermod. Alright this is 4.3 but a 4.2 versiin was fast. This on the y300 would be amazing
  8. The best rom for this phone is slim bean as it's lite but full of features
  9. Better off getting a ex flagship phone with Qualcomm chip. S2. S3. Maybe u2y mate
  10. No I'm on s2 and there is no locked bootloader.
  11. Does Mobile data work with imei 0. If I remember correctly it never?
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