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  1. Hi Guys ran into problems cannot get out of flashboot screen - forgot to tick allow oem unlock and seem to have flashed a EU firmware (Amazon UK phone) by mistake could someone point me in the direction of their own hosted download (not filefactory) of a Moto G XT1072 model UK / GB Stock Firmware please ?
  2. hi Dazzozo great rom using it now - if it helps maybe you can include the very popular Ovivo mobile APN preset settings under mobile networks settings - when you get a chance - know you're busy ;)
  3. thanks rederick / dazzozo / devs just about to take a bite of my new kit kat :)
  4. thanks rederick i have the rom and the CWMR zip file on the root of the phone space (dont have sd card) but there is no option to flash a zip in stock recovery i have only the following options :- - apply update from sdcard (I dont have an extra sd card inserted - i presume it means the standard on phone space) - wipe data - wipe cache - touchscreen firmware update - apply update from ADB how do i install the CWM R zip file ? sorry for all the noob questions
  5. Hi Dazzozo / Developers great work BTW - am currently mid process in trying to install the CM 11 Rom heres where i am - i have unlocked the boot locader and gone no further because each thread seems to suggest next step involving TWRP dont want to use any of this TWRP stuff and want to use the old reliable - CWM Recovery I want to be able to flash CWM Recovery and root the Y300 next without having to go anywhere near TWRP - how do i do the next steps 1. get CWM recovery onto the phone (without TWRP) 2. Install CM11 (KitKat experimental) thanks
  6. hi folks getting this error in attached pic - when trying to restore to stock using captain midnight rom - applying flash to a rooted hudl see attached pic thanks - any ideas ? problem downloading IDB it says
  7. hi folks as regards Skype - mines keeps restarting the Skype app when I make a call and just as the other person answers - happens with even the Skype call testing service tried the XDA versions - same problem - has it been firmly determined where the issue lies - Skype itself or the HUDL ? has anyone got a Skype workaround configured that works for the time being for the HUDL - either with tabbie droid or any other firmware ? nifty little tablet - and this is the only app I cant get to work
  8. anyone tried Skype on Tabbiedroid - does it work ? i.e i have the following problems ...... - currently it will reload when you ring someone and they answer - or reboot the tablet randomly when in Skype anyone got Skype working ok ? - I tried the XDA version still a problem
  9. hi guys in relation to your above link to removing the branding button im stuck at 9 and 10 in relation to steps 9 and 10 in the link above - excuse the noob questions .... where do you do the ssh command - in which terminal session - on the phone or on the pc (with phone connected via usb) ? I am doing it on phone (terminal app) and getting "ssh - not found" - do I have to be within a certain directory when typing ssh command ?? is it just this command ? ssh [email protected] or this ssh [email protected]”. SSH Password: abc123. I don't understand which of the above 2 commands to use? ..... and what is IPADDRESS - is it actually "IPADDRESS" or is it a placeholder for example put where it says IPADDRESS - its not made clear ?? is "SSH Password: abc123." part of the command or for information ?
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