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  1. Bug: 1,No lock screen widget to add the page to add the widget, lock screen set this doesn't work. 2,The status bar notification page and shortcut when switching card。
  2. Smartisan OS from China,It is refreshing,Who can transplant, my English is not good, forgive me! http://www.smartisan.cn/index.html file:///C:/Users/7/Desktop/0c7dc4ef76094b3645536e45a2cc7cd98f109da1.jpg
  3. Want to update to the latest version~shendu os v4.1.2 http://bbs.shendu.co...497462-1-1.html thnak you
  4. Lock screen camera does not work,Hope to continue to optimize,I come from China。
  5. 你好,我经过测试后发现光感不太正常,解锁经常需要重复多次按下,另,亮度调最低 屏幕漆黑一片....请解决

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