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  1. RT @LaveenaTiwari: @iShubhamRaj #DeshEkKhelAnek a NMIMS students effort for sports equality.Please be part of our cause. https://t.co/j3YA…

  2. Hey! You should check out this #giveaway of MobileGo for Android by #wondershare on @techlitic http://t.co/FQoUwk5Jqe

  3. Or maybe just flash back to stock then root again and put a rom?
  4. iShubham

    Broken phone

    I guess its at hope this helps
  5. 2 Winner can win 1 year membership of WPMU Dev, each worth $219. @teech_world #giveaway http://t.co/8l5ODAYTY1 via @PunchTab

  6. Dont even try to port it for now..at least until its fully released..i tried it on my nexus 4 and i saw that it was piece of crap for now..all the contacts were just preview photos..all messages in that notification message are preview..all song and video cover are just previews and apps icons (many of them) are preview..couldnt even find file manager or video or music player What i found working was phone(laggy),message,camera,bunch of other things... I deleted it within 1 hour of installation.. Conclusion is that ubuntu preview is truely just preview, as same as a screenshot of something..
  7. only annoying thing i feel in this ROM is the backlight, when it dims, it directly goes all the way black...screen totally black..and also when i try to reduce brightness to lowest level,screen goes blank..any 1 has solution to this>?
  8. iShubham

    Android 4.2 Camera

    photosphere works on blade?
  9. Download and install Contact2sim Pro (from playstore) It allows you to copy paste your Sim contacts to address book
  10. hey man,thanks,this is really awesome rom...i like it,superfast, and superkool looks..only a thing which problems me is apps automatic to Sd-ext..how to do? (i used to use SD scripts,dunno whose,but it was easy) please tell me ways to sd-ext...i used S2E,but that makes problems..) how to used Link2SD? (the one from playstore,right?) thanks
  11. Chinese blade : AOKPCM10 Remix Android 4.2 Emoji Launcher - Worked (dunno what changes it has than normal launcher) Android 4.2 Emoji Keyboard - Not Tried GoogleSearch - Not Tried GenieWidget - Not Tried EmailGoogle - Not Tried Gmail 4.2 - "Unforunately,Gmail has stopped working" GooglePlayMusic - Works GoogleDeskClock - Works Android 4.2 Play Store - Doesnt work Android 4.2 Camera - No preview (all white) , No photosphere(crashes) Android 4.2 Keyboard - Doesnt work (no keyboard comes up when selected - Android keyboard)

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