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  1. I tried all ROM `s, from B882 - B927,now I'm back to B892 and still problems with the microphone.
  2. Thx. I found the file build.prop with ROM Toolbox, but for me fix does not seem to have worked 2!
  3. Can not find the file "/ system / build.prop". Where is it? The phone is rooted. Still can not find the folder / system / build.prop. Look at the screenshots of my Local folder and SD
  4. Do something new in the case? Any solution to the problem?
  5. I have the same problem. I've tried everything, changing the software so far does not help.
  6. I installed the leaked ROM B888. But still the same. The sounds are loud, music, voicerocorder are loud. The problem is that the caller still can not hear me or hear a very very poor! The speaker works. I hear everything perfectly!
  7. I took advantage of HuaweiU8815C02B882-update_signed found on the forum. I still have the same problem.
  8. I was able to return to the B882. I format the SD card. I took advantage of HuaweiU8815C02B882-update_signed found on the forum. Unfortunately, failure to online update the B885, After updatedownload I get an error message (in CWM). Also I can not do update to B884/B886 with dload method. What is the cause?
  9. How can I update to a stock ROM that has the volume fix already implemented (B886)?. Now I have stock B888. An attempt to install B884 or B886 ends with the message Installation failed. Thanks for any help.
  10. Installation aborted after trying to update to the B885. What are the problem? Rom installation with using DLOAD abortet to.
  11. Yes. After purchasing the phone I did update to the B885, then update to B888. Now i`m back to the B882 rom. Unfortunately, the sound quality on the microphone was still dramatically bad. Callers can hear the noise, echo. My voice is heard very little, although I myself hear callers very well.
  12. Still problems with the microphone, the caller cannot hear me. After returning to the Vodafone software HuaweiU8815C02B882-update_signed i make update to b885. After installing the update in the CWM displays an error and the installation is aborted. Why? What's the problem? Look at the screens.
  13. <a name="result_box2"> I have a serious problem. Microphone on my Phone does not work. After dialing i can hear the person very good, but the caller didnt hear me, or hear me very very quietly. Interestingly, voicerecorder works and sound recordings as well. Phone after the official update (B885, B888). Any ideas? Thx. (sorry for my bad english)
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