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  1. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Mine arrived today, and so far I am very pleased with it! I agree, it does look very nice!
  2. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    I know, I guessed it might be futile. Yes the 8GB version. I got mine from o2, but Vodafone are selling them at the same price. Tesco's is selling them for £110. They are all locked to the respective carrier, but an unlock code is only £2 on eBay, so it still works out cheaper!
  3. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Okay, so the HDMI cable was delivered, and the output still doesn't show, so it must be the hardware in the phone. I have given up, and bought a moto g for £99 instead!
  4. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Ahh forgot about that! On the first boot I held down vol- to go into recovery where ADB works. The I did 'adb reboot [recovery]' which works, but no matter how many times I do it one-after-the-other, the phone still reboots and then ADB doesn't work. Its very annoying... Still can't get fastboot to work in recovery on windows or linux.. it just 'waits for device' until the phone reboots. Running fastboot -i 0x8087 devices doesn't work. Am I still missing something?
  5. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Ahh right. I'll have a go on ubuntu now! Cheers for the links! I will try the fastboot command now. The problem is that I think it boots into recovery/fastboot successfully the first time, but after 18-ish seconds it reboots on its own, and holding down vol- doesn't affect it... Hopefully the HDMI cable will arrive tomorrow! EDIT: Ok, ADB recognises the phone on the first power on holding down vol-. However, once the phone restarts, it isn't recognised. Fastboot, on both startups, just waits for a device. Doesn't seem to be playing ball for me. Also, I read somewhere that there was a bit of ADB code that 'froze' the phone in its current state incase of bootloops. Could this be useful?
  6. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    I don't think so... running 'fastboot devices' doesn't return anything..? Or am I running the wrong commands? I remember Paul saying that we need to use a custom vendor ID, but that just returns an error for me...
  7. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Cheers for looking, but I've think got it sorted. Just waiting for an HDMI cable now...
  8. bob3450

    Bootloop/Blank screen Problem. Need help.

    Haha ok, will do. Yes, when I leave it plugged in and then turn the phone on, Windows makes the sound as if a device has been connected, but then it disconnects about a second later. I also forgot to mention in the OP that when I plug it into the computer when it is off, as if to charge it, ADB recognises it but says its Offline (see attachment). When this happens, the screen flashes colours. The screen also flashes colours when using a wall charger. Also, could you upload your adb_usb.ini , as I have just reinstalled Windows and forgot to back mine up?
  9. Hello all. I have a slight problem; Right, here's the deal. I have a rooted OSD running the Xolo ICS rom with the 58mb patched update. I also remapped the camera button to a power button, although this shouldn't make a difference. I was trying to install Google Now onto my San Diego (See here). Despite not having a custom recovery I tried it anyway. I got to the point of downloading a flashable zip (the M7 Offline), extracting it and manually copying and changing permissions of the various files/directories in /system/ . This included /system/app/ (GoogleTTS.apk and Velvet.apk), /system/lib/ and /system/usr/srec/ [see attached screenshot]. All went OK until I rebooted, where the phone showed the Xolo boot logo as usual, and then bootloop. Now, it doesn't get as far as the 'Intel Inside' animation. After the Xolo logo, there is just a blank screen. After the first time you power on, it waits for ~18 seconds on the black screen (After Xolo logo) before rebooting. Then it reboots. This time, however, it hangs on the black screen, and doesn't reboot subsequently. The problem is that it doesn't boot up enough for ADB to recognise it, so I can't push the /system/ directory. DDMS (in the Android SDK) lists it as 'Offline'. I have tried to boot into recovery, but the screen doesn't work, and so I am not sure if I'm successful. Once I did, and the screen started flashing different colours, but I am not able to reproduce this. Also, my HDMI out doesn't work. It hasn't for a while. It did work perfectly, but I have tested on multiple monitors/TVs, and it no longer does. It could be the HDMI to mini-HDMI adapter, but I haven't bought another one yet. Any ideas/help as the making it work again would be much appreciated!
  10. bob3450

    1080p recording seems to stall...

    Just tried, and mine does that as well. Stock camera app on Xolo ICS
  11. Awesome! Good job! Just checking, we will need to uninstall all of our modules and the current installer first, yes?
  12. Hmm. I'm not sure then. @BlueMoonRising any ideas?
  13. What version of the Xposed Installer are you using?
  14. The browser: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6h9b182k8059g1z/Browser.apk and the music player: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xx72zva4ewdz8k/Music.apk Both from /system/app

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