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  1. What are the best (budget <£150, 10") alternatives to replace the Hudl 2? Incidentally, does it seem to anyone else like no development has occurred since the Hudl 2? I got used to specifications improving for a given price (or price coming down for a given specification) but when I try to find possible upgrades it seems there aren't any (only "side-grades"). (My Hudl is still marginally functional but the touch screen has become considerably less responsive).
  2. My Lollipop Hudl works with OTG but does not charge with the cable I have. I used it to connect a keyboard and mouse to the Hudl. With the HDMI output, it can replace my mum's 10-year old computer.
  3. Does anybody here know whether the hudl2 supports simultaneous OTG and charging?
  4. Perhaps they have to hold back a certain number of units just for that. If replacement is not possible though, they're allowed to make partial or full refunds.
  5. Hi Hudluser, thanks. They said they'd let me know their decision by calling me within 24 hours. I wonder who decides and how.
  6. I don't think they have any surplus stock to get rid of? My understand is they're sold out.
  7. Do you think they were losing money on them due to the cost of repairing faults/replacing?
  8. The display on my phone suddenly had black rectangles distributed randomly around and was unresponsive. I pressed and held volume up and the power switch which took me to the recovery menu with the same graphical glitch present. I pressed the power switch to reboot and the tablet screen turned off and never came back on. The tablet is now totally unresponsive. The red light does not illuminate when plugged in but it does appear to draw current (I have a charger with its own light which illuminates). The tablet is now 13 days out of Tesco's stated one-year warranty but I believe that the EU affords consumer rights for repair/replacement/partial refund up to at least two years. I think however, that I would have to somehow prove that this problem was inherent to the tablet and not something I introduced by abusing it. I've no idea how I would go about doing that other than pointing out the rubber bumper case and screen protectors that I bought at the same time and photographing it's near pristine condition from the outside. I think it would need to be taken apart to prove that there is no water ingress or physical internal damage.
  9. Some people reflow circuit boards in a domestic oven. There's a lot of information returned for Google search string "motherboard oven". Example: http://www.computerrepairtips.net/how-to-reflow-a-laptop-motherboard/
  10. Did this happen simply after rooting or did you do some other stuff after rooting?
  11. Perhaps one of the wires inside your cable has broken and so it only connects when held in the appropriate positions. I don't see how a long connector plug could impede the connection. I thought they were just to enable use by people with cases on their phones/tablets that prevent a shorter plug from making a good connection.
  12. Based on the posts I've read on this forum, Tesco staff tend not to have any idea what they're talking about.
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